Happy New Year!!!!

Wow can you believe 2011 is over??? It felt like it went by sooo fast, at least for me it did. I had my ups and downs, but I can't complain it was a pretty good year for me. Let's see, I got an awesome new job working as a nanny for a wonderful family with the cutest little girl ever, I got accepted to a new school, it went great for my boyfriend (Michael) and me, my family was awesome, I got a new camera, and other small things here and there. I am so ready for 2012 though, I have a feeling it is going to be an even better year. I don't know quite why yet, but I will find out and see. Now let's talk resolutions. I know that just because it is a new year doesn't mean that things are magically going to change or that one should only try to set goals for themselves when the new year rings in, but I feel that it is still a good start. One of the most popular resolutions, for men and women alike, is to lose weight and get fit. New Year is a great time to put this goal in gear since for the past 2 months the holidays have "allowed" us to cheat on diets and have kept us too busy and stuffed to make it to the gym or in front of the TV to workout. 

Now my resolution(s) for the new year are quite simple. They are to: 1) Live life to the fullest, and 2) To take control of my life. Of course there are more specific goals within those resolutions, but this kind of keeps it simple for me and doable too. The more specific goals are to eat healthier, stay active (meaning not just going to the gym, but hiking, biking, and doing more activities like that), trying things even if I have to take risks or they are not exactly in my comfort zone, participating more in school activities (such as clubs and events), being more organized (not just with my room, but in life in general), sticking to commitments (especially the ones I have with myself), following my heart rather than doing (or not doing) things other want me to do, and improving on myself in other ways (such as taking the time to look nice everyday, rather than frumpy all the time). Most importantly though is that in the end, through these 2 main resolutions, I find happiness and harmony and balance within myself. 

So yea, that is basically what I hope to accomplish for this year, as I enter my "true" adult life, now that this year I am turning 21 (yikes, now I feel slightly old LOL). I would be happy to hear what everyone else hopes to accomplish within this year. Also, if you follow me on Youtube, I am doing Vlogyear, which I hope keeps me in line (so to speak) and motivates me to better commit to this blog. I hope you check it out and I will also be better at posting on my makeup channel as well. For the Vlogyear daily vlogs, the link is: http://www.youtube.com/user/krazychix16vlog and for my Makeup channel the link is: http://www.youtube.com/user/krazychix16
Please check those out and leave comments. Also share your goals for the years on here (or there) and let me know what's up!

Resoluting and Hopeful, 
Astrid <3