Soo.. Ready For Love is a Goner

I know I promised to write about the second episode of NBC's Ready For Love a couple of weeks ago. I also know I was really skeptical in my first post about the show. Well, I did end up watching the second episode and I was glad I did, until I found out it was cancelled. I actually really liked the second episode. It was what I had expected from the first episode. It highlighted what needed to be highlighted and didn't drag on. I think focusing on just one guy for the first episode was a bad move and might have been a reason as to its cancellation (low ratings usually make for a cancellation). I thought the guys and even most of the girls were very likable and think that the second episode should have aired first or all three guys should have been featured in one 2 hour episode in the first place. Also might I add these guys are H-O-T! LOL. Anyway, I was busy and it got cancelled so I debated even writing about it, but having insomnia has a way of making you rethink things. I know I didn't write many specifics but basically there is an ex involved that comes back which always adds that "twist" to the drama. It is such a weird show to cancel though since most of us who did tune in both times and got drawn in on the second and perhaps third episode probably want to see what happens at the end. Fortunately for us few, NBC did decide to at least post the remaining episodes online. I guess life moves on though.

On a side note having to do nothing with the show, but everything to do with readiness and love, I will try my best to post at least once a week here whether its about a show, makeup or whatever is going on in my life/catching my interest. When I finally think life is slowing down, I get bombarded with blessings that take up a lot of my time. However, my goal and tasks this summer are to concentrate on me and my own social media shenanigans (i.e. Youtube, twitter, Blog, getting my life in order).

Love and Rocket Ship Cookies,
Astrid, a Beautiful Mess.