Friday Favorites: Garden Inspo

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This week's Friday Favorites is mostly focusing on my latest Pinterest search obsession: gardens. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have picked up on this since I've been pinning different garden related stuff on there. The reason for this is because my mom recently decided(thank god) to finally fix up our backyard after 9 years or so of leaving it on the back burner while she focused on other areas of our home that needed TLC. This is also thanks to Charlie, who seems to love spending time outside, so why not make it nice for him(and us). So here are some of my top garden related pins. 

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I love this planter wall. I think it's a great way to close off a porch while still letting light in and not closing it in completely. And it's much prettier than your typical privacy wall. Love how the plants hang and that it all looks so lush. It also seems much easier to build than a wall or fence. 

{Source: Curbly (but found on Pinterest)}
Within my garden obsessed pins, I have an even more specific obsession with pins that feature wooden pallets being repurposed into something much nicer. For example, this pin featured a pallet being turned into a drop down table that can be used to store glasses. It is by far one of my favorite DIY pallet projects and it seems so easy to do. You bet I will be turning into a weekend project soon. 

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Here is another Pallet transformation I liked. It's such a creative way to store your garden tools :)

{Source: Lena Sekine}
While looking for pallet DIYs and gardening tips, I also came across some creative outdoor seating. The one above is one I really liked since it's colorful and so easy to do. I mean cinder blocks and wood doesn't seem like rocket science now does it? Plus benches just look so nice outdoors.

{Source: The Style Files}
I also really love this pin because to me, it had it all. The seating is simple yet prefect, the light source makes it feel magical, and I love that it again seems easy to recreate. I don't know but this just seems like perfection to me and also so ethereal and calm, which is the point of a backyard, am I right?!

{Source: HGTV Gardens}
Yet another garden obsession lately has been wooden planters. I love the rustic look of it and personally prefer it to some of the cement and brick planters I've seen. I think they would look great in my backyard and again, they seem easy to build and quite affordable to DIY them. 

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Last, but not least, I've also been looking into urban garden walls and succulents. Even though these urban gardens are usually geared more towards those who live in an apartment and don't have a true backyard like I do, I really love how they look. And succulents are so much easier to take care of and actually look really nice, in my opinion, so why not add them to my garden plans!

Although this is just the tip of the iceberg with my garden inspo, I hope you enjoyed these favorites of mine. If you want to see more of my garden inspo pins, go follow me on Pinterest