Wellness Wednesday: Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Today I decided to start a new feature for Wednesday(I know this is going up late) that will be focusing on health and fitness called Wellness Wednesday. The feature will help me when I don't have Workplace Wednesdays for you or anything else planned. I'm also doing this because I love the topic of health & fitness and strive to live as healthy a lifestyle as I can. For the first post, I'd like to discuss the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, something I really should be having more of these days. 

I first learned about the numerous benefits of ACV from Katrina and Karena at ToneItUp.com. And was able to witness it myself when I had their famous Bombshell Spell, which is a metabolism boosting drink. Unfortunately, I can't give you that recipe because it is part of their Nutrition plan (that's copyrighted I believe), but I can tell you about the benefits :)

1. Helps you stay slim. 
This is because it helps regulate blood sugar levels which means that it will help stop your body from storing fat and decreasing the risk for diabetes and heart disease. It also helps to control/curb appetite and therefore helps with cravings and is great at boosting metabolism as well so have it first thing in the morning. I know it may sound gross, but mixing it in apple or pineapple juice helps mask the taste. There are plenty of recipes online. All you need to do is google ACV metabolic drink.

2. Helps with PH balance.
ACV helps your body stay alkaline. This is good news because it means a better immune system and to me that's important. I hate being sick, especially on top of allergies. Speaking of which, according to One Good Thing by Jillee, it helps sinus drainage. I know it sounds gross, but this sounds like sweet relief to me. The site also lists other benefits along those lines. 

Additionally, a balanced PH helps increase energy which as a college student is an even bigger plus. Coffee only does so much and gives me the jitters sometimes. I'm trying to curb my coffee intake by the way. Being able to get a natural boost of energy is so much better.

3. Helps with Acne
I can really attest to this one. While my acne is much more manageable as an adult, it's still there, which is annoying. Thankfully, if I go a week straight with have an ACV metabolic drink, it clears up. While there may be a lot of decent beauty products out there, getting rid of acne from within is just more satisfying and long lasting. So if you are breaking out, start chugging(not really) ACV!

While there are many more benefits, I've found those to be the top 3. They are also the one's I'm most interested in and that explain the other benefits mentioned in other articles/blog posts. For more info. click on the links above or visit Eat Bird Food blog. Also let me know what you think and if you will be trying this out in the comments below. I truly highly recommend adding this to your routine.