National Women's Health Week

In case you didn't know(which I didn't until I read my

Her Campus

 email), this week is

National Women's Health Week.

 Therefore, I've pledged to take the steps to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. It's actually a perfect coincidence as I'm now putting my full focus into the

Tone It Up

 Bikini Series now that finals are over and done with, and I'm ready to bring it!

Personally, I think that all women should have access to health benefits and that as a community, we should look out for each other. Too often I see women put their own health on the back burner either because they're focusing all of their efforts on the health of their families and/or do not have the resources to take care of themselves.However, I'm glad that this event(campaign?) encourages women to take a second look at their healths and also gives some simple suggestions to do so, aside from regular check ups and getting proper health exams. Here are the guidelines they've set:

1. Getting Regular Checkups and Screenings.

 Checkups are so important to make sure everything is running smoothly and help doctors catch an abnormalities that may be present. As for screenings, these are super important as no one is safe from health scares such as breast cancer. I know it may seem to be out of one's budget to go to regular checkups/screenings, but it's more expensive to end up very ill and in the hospital. I'm so thankful that my mom and me were finally able to get all the insurance issues smoothed over so we can have a doctor again. I'm actually pretty paranoid about getting this issue. I blame the hypochondriac in me.

2.Get Active

For me, being active is really important. By nature, I'm a pretty sedentary person. I'm not super athletic and I'm usually a very mellow calm person, but I make it my goal to stay active. This can mean different things for different women, but whichever way you choose to be active, do it. Hike, bike, run, walk, yoga, whatever it is, do it. It's not just great for getting the blood flowing, but personally it helps me clear my mind and reduce my anxiety. And I feel good afterwards. As for time and money, it doesn't have to be long and it doesn't have to be expensive. Most of the workouts I do are on YouTube and workouts can be as short as 10 minutes if thats the time you have. 

3. Eat Healthy

This goes along with being active. It doesn't have to be expensive. Eating healthy for me is all about moderation and making the better choice. Sure I indulge in sweets and fast food from time to time, but most of the time I try to stick to food that actually has nutrients. This doesn't mean that I eat purely organic food or food that costs a lot, but rather that I choose foods that are good for my body.

4. Pay Attention to Mental Health

If you feel you need to see a therapist, don't feel reluctant to do so. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and there shouldn't be a stigma about getting help for it. I know myself that I really need to start looking into getting a therapist because I have things I want to work through and that if worked through would help me achieve a happier life. This also includes getting enough sleep, which I obviously need to work on and managing stress in a healthy way.

5. Engage in Safe Behaviors

This includes not smoking, drinking responsibly and not texting while driving. It is doing things that are protecting your health and not compromising your life. It can even be as simple as wearing a seatbelt while in a vehicle or a helmet if riding a bike. The point is to not put your life at risk. 

By following these guidelines, we as women can work to strive for our best health.

Do you follow some or all of these guidelines already? Are you willing to pledge for

National Women's Health Week

? What are ways in which you are staying healthy? Let me know in the comments below and expect other health related posts during the week. I'm so glad to be able to focus more attention on the blog and my health now that finals are over :) So please stay tune. 



*P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to spread the word and share about the event.