Trendy Tuesday Wednesday: White Out

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White it Out




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This week's Trendy


 Wednesday(sorry it went up late by an hour or two) is all about the color white. With summer just around the corner, white seems like the perfect choice to wear to keep things fresh, yet chic. I personally have always been afraid to wear white because it's so hard to not spill coffee and stuff on myself, but I'm obsessed with this trend and ready to just take the "risk" already.

White is like the black of summer. What I mean is that often people will turn to black because it's easy to wear and can make an outfit look chic and dressed up. I'm sure you've heard that everyone in NYC wears black(not true FYI) and it's how they look so fashionable and chic(sorry I know I'm using this word a lot here). But black in the summer is not fun. Black just makes you hot and miserable in the summer because it attracts the sun and thus the scorching summer heat. So it's white to the rescue.

To wear this trend, I'm going to opt for structured pieces. I definitely want the white blazer and trousers, especially with my internship going on this summer. Another must have item that follows this trend, and that I think is a classic, is the white pump. And of course I'll be trying this trend monochromatically, because I think that makes the trend as sleek as it gets. Now I need to go shop :)

Will you be trying this trend? Any tips for how to make it work/keeping the dirt off? Let me know in the comments below. Also if you have any trends you want me to feature, let me know as well.