Wellness Wednesday: H2O Hydration!

Lucky you, today I decided to write two posts. I had planned the Workplace Wednesday post last week, but wanted to do a Wellness Wednesday post about the importance of water since summer officially starts this weekend and the weather is about to become HOT HOT HOT. 

I know I am guilty of not drinking enough water, but it is a goal of mine to eventually drink at least 6 cups of water a day. The rule is that you should drink at least half of your body weight in ounces, of water a day, more if you are working out a lot. It is especially important to stay hydrated in the summer as the heat can make you sweat more and also "dry" you out, hence dehydrating you. 

Dehydration is no fun as it can make you feel lightheaded and can also make you pass out, along with other more serious health issues that can land you in the hospital(I'm not a doctor so I can only say what I know). But I also understand that for some of us, it's easier to reach for soda or beer or other beverages that aren't water. The issue with this is that sugars can actually dehydrate you more and don't really quench your thrust the way water does. But there are some ways to make water more appealing. I want to share one of my favorite ways to do this:

I like to "infuse" or "flavor" my water by putting lemons wedges or orange slices in a jug of water overnight. I first will wash and clean the lemon or orange and then cut slices to drop into the jug of water. I occasionally will also put mint or cucumbers. This not only makes water taste better, but also makes it more energizing and refreshing. Plus, there's a benefit when drinking lemon water, which I can make a separate post on, or you can read more about it


. Here are also some links for recipes: 

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Do you have any tips for infusing your water or making it more appealing?

Share them in the comments below. Can't wait to see what you think/share.