Seeing the Queen Musical

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Sorry for being a bit MIA the past week or so. I am still trying to get the hang of my new work schedule, although this week was a bit unusual since I had to come in a bit earlier and it threw me off a little. Anyway, I wanted to share something that happened Tuesday night. As you know, I am currently doing an editorial internship. While most of the time it's just me writing in an office, there are some perks that involve attending some fun events. Sometimes its to cover an actual story, but other times, its just because they have extra tickets. That was the case with the "We Will Rock You" Queen Musical and I'm happy to have gotten tickets!

Something you should know about me is that 1) I love Queen's music and 2) I think Freddie Mercury is a musical genius!! So of course when my supervisor asked if anybody was interested in the extra tickets, I immediately answered "Me!" I was also excited to go because my favorite part of NYC had been attending the Broadway shows. There really isn't any other experience quite like going to a live show, whether its a play, musical or concert. Plus what better way to spend a summer night than with live entertainment with talented people?!!!

Queen musical, ahmanason, life

I was given two tickets so I decided to take Dirtsa since she also really enjoyed the Broadway show we attended in NYC. Of course, we were running late since it was right after my work and her therapy session and it fell on a week we we were doing a diet/detox/eating healthy LOL, but c'est la vie. We still really enjoyed ourselves and the music brought back memories. I started listening to Queen back in high school and had an ex who would do a fabulous rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody"(we are still great friends). The musical wasn't a biopic but rather was inspired by their music but either way, it was great and carried a great message: to be yourself and believe in who you are. The cast was great and the stars' voices were just beyond amazing! Honestly, I think Freddie would be very proud of this show!!

Have you seen this show? If not you should. Also what shows have you attended and which have been your favorite? I'm curious to see what every one says and to know which to look out for. Oh and sorry for not having great pics, will try to do better next time :)