Review: Exuviance® Performance Peel AP25 & Evening Restorative Complex

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So happy to bring you another review. Like I've mentioned before, lately I've been very into my skincare routine. I've also been getting so many opportunities to try new products thanks to you and the wonderful networks I've become a part of. This time around, I got the opportunity to try the

Exuviance® Performance Peel AP25


Exuviance® Evening Restorative Complex

. I was suppose to try their

Illumination Duo

 that also features the complex, but they ran out of samples. However, I'm quite pleased with what I was sent.

I'm actually really glad I was able to receive the 

Exuviance® Performance Peel AP25

 because I had been thinking of saving up to get laser or photo facials or a peel done, but the truth is, that would cost me a lot of money. Like hundreds of dollars expensive! But alas, the results of peels and such is amazing. The reason I'd want to do these pricey procedures is because I want to get rid of the dark spots, exfoliate all the dead skin that makes my skin look blah and have glowing, beautiful skin. These issues are exactly what the 

Exuviance® Performance Peel AP25


Exuviance® Evening Restorative Complex

 are meant to solve.



claims to refine pore size, smooth texture, brightens and evens skin tone, promotes cell renewal and exfoliates dead, dull skin. This all helps with getting that glow-y healthy skin we all crave(I'm not alone in this am I?). It really is similar to getting a chemical peel at a doctor's office since both contain

alpha hydroxy acids

, except it's cheaper, simpler and much less expensive, as well as less painful and requires minimal recovery time. 

It works in two simple steps. Step 1: Apply the activator pad, making sure your face is clean and dry. Then you wait 10 minutes or until you feel discomfort (I didn't feel any so I did 10 minutes). Thencomes Step 2: apply the neutralizer pad to your face. And that's it. Well kind of, after step 2 it is recommended to apply the 

Exuviance® Evening Restorative Complex

 as a moisturizer.

So what benefits does 

this moisturizer

 have? Well they are very similar to the peel. It helps with the overall texture, tone and appearance of your skin. It also helps fade dark spots as well as helps with wrinkles and all that anti-aging jazz. Again, I'm only 22, but any preventative measures are good right? It contains

Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) Gluconolactone, which helps decrease the lines and wrinkles as well as helps with evening the skin tone and with it's texture, 

giving you smoother and plumper skin. The other ingredient it contains is 

Lactobionic Acid, which is a strong 

antioxidant that also helps with the wrinkles, but also provides hydration, which is great.

I feel that it is too early to say if this definitely works for me. It is suppose to be used twice a week for 6 weeks, and it's only been a week. However,  I do see and feel that my skin is smoother and I love the very light, gentle exfoliation it gives my skin. Part of my results might be due to the fact that I've been keeping such a strict skin routine, but I also think the peel and moisturizer have helped. So far, I've only used two of the three samples I got sent, but I do see improvements in my skin tone and after wards do see my skin a bit more radiant, plus its crazy how much dirt it removes. My only complaint is that it can feel a bit tacky once it dries on your face. I am tempted to buy the full sized product to see how much more my skin can improve.

Here are some pictures so you can see what it's done for my skin so far:

First time, bad lighting I know.

After using it twice, slightly better lighting. See my skin is clearer around my nose.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this review. Also, if you are interested in purchasing either product you can head