OOTD: Letters at the Beach

I've been trying to post this Outfit of the Day since Monday, but work and my computer decided otherwise. Work kept me busy, but iPhoto decided to give me a heart attack telling me I had lost these pictures. Thankfully, I found a blog that explained how to recover the pics. Anyway, last Sunday, I finally got myself to the beach. Even though I live in California and the beach is only a short drive away, I usually get busy or plans to the beach fall through. But glad Labor Day weekend came around and my mom and sister decided it was a great time to go to the beach (even with the crowds). 

I took the opportunity that I was going to the beach to do a little mini photoshoot of my outfit. I knew that after the beach there was a good chance that we would go to Third Street Promenade to the shops so I wanted to dress for the beach, but also look cute enough to walk around the shops. I don't own an official coverall and I wasn't really liking how my shorts were looking that day, but then I remembered I had this skirt. And with my bikini top it worked. I also took the opportunity to wear my new sandals from 



Here is a closer look of my bathing suit top. I got it a Nordstrom Rack on clearance back in July when I went up to Northern California for the wedding I worked. I love how bright it is and that it is not the typical black bikini. I had initially had some other suit in mind, but ended up finding this one and loved it. I love that I can also wear it as a flirty crop top. I also decided to wear my shades from H&M since I decided to give my contacts another try (much better this time). It definitely was a good idea since the sun was in my face most of the time. Also, how beautiful does that water (and kelp LOL) look?! We went up closer to Malibu where the beaches seem to be a bit nicer. 

Here is a closeup of my skirt which is from 


. It has the letters A, B and L stamped all over it. I love how it fits since it make my waist look tiny and gives the illusion that I have abs (still in progress) LOL. It's also a really light denim which is perfect for sunny days like Labor Day Sunday.

Lastly, here are my sandals. I got them along with two other pairs when I signed up as a VIP at


 (I'm not sponsored by them FYI). I needed sandals and was obsessively trying to find silver ones, so when I saw that I could get 3 pairs for $40, I jumped on it. I actually ended up only paying $30 since I had a $10 credit so, HOLLA! Anyway, these are the silver ones that I got. They are very cushiony and are actually silver and slightly gold. They are very stripy, but can easily be dressed up or down. And I've gotten a couple compliments at work about them :) 

Even though summer is almost over, I do live in California so I will probably be going back a few more times before it gets a bit chillier. Let me know in the comments what you think about my beach outfit. I'm also curious what you've worn to the beach or if you have any cute suggestions for coveralls! Also let me know any trends you'd like me to try or anything else you'd like me to feature on the blog.