Friday Favorites: Squees & More!


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So this Friday has been full of surprises. Or really one somewhat unpleasant surprise. I ended up in the ER cuz I injured my foot, but thankfully no fracture just a fat swollen bruised foot for the weekend. But let's just focus on the positive.


 First favorite of the week is the return of American Horror Story, with season 4 titled Freakshow. It was one of the shows that I've been excited the most about this season. There are many reasons I love it. First off, its an anthology which means I don't feel obligated to catch up on the previous season in order to get filled in on the current season (although of course I'll watch the previous season). Second, the cast is just amazing especially Jessica Lange. She just owns her characters like such a boss. And third, the production and special effects are really good.

Now I know some people who are afraid to watch this season cuz yes there is a scary clown and scary shit like that, but I actually love it for those reasons lol. I love all the plot twists that occurred in just the first episode from Bette and Dot, the siamese twins played by Sarah Paulson and their not so innocent secret to Lange's characters secret flaw to the really creepy rich boy played by Finn Whitrock. And the whole cast hasn't even been introduced yet. But I'll stop my squee for it now.


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 So I have the privilege of being able to watch Netflix and TV shows at work. Yes you read that right! It's really not that big a deal. Basically I don't get in trouble for watching a TV show while I work on research. I can opt for music, but sometimes videos are just more fun. Plus, with the amount of TV I watch, this is super helpful. Well this week the show I've been catching up on is Sons of Anarchy. I am still only on season 4, but I should be caught up very soon so that I can then start watching its current season as the episodes air. My sister and me are obsessed with this show and honestly I think it is one of the shows with a some of the strongest storytelling. Plus how hot is Charlie Hunnam (if only he could of made 50 Shades work out).


 A few posts ago I mentioned that I had a friend who had written a book and another friend who was helping get it published. The post was about a KickStarted for her second book, but this week I received her first book,

The Adventures of Jake and Caleb: To The Moon and Back.

 I had preordered two copies a couple of weeks ago, but this week I finally received them. I can' explain how excited and proud I was to be holding them in my hands!! If you want your own copy, which you should (jk, but really it's great), then head


And those were my favorites for the week, or at least the ones that stood out the more. I was also busy with work, so that also factors in. But now I'm gonna shut up and listen to you and your favorites by reading your comments while I ice my foot.