Weekly Wishes #4

I can't believe I've been doing this for a month. And just like last week, this post is a bit late. Mostly it's due to the fact that I've barely been home and have been enjoying lots of time with friends and my new special someone. But I haven't forgotten about you or my blog! So how did week 3 go?

Let's review what I wanted to accomplish:

1. Get More Sleep.

- Like I said, I've barely been home so this definitely did not happen. But still striving for it. 


Organize Blog Duties


 I was able to take care of some blog things and get a bit more organized. I also, along with a coworker, decided to invest in some blog design tools so at least some of this got done. 

3. Read More.

- Yea this really didn't happen. But still working on it. 

So now for this week's goals:

1. Get Some Sleep.-

 So this one is slightly modified this week since it is Halloween tomorrow and well I'll be surprised if I get any sleep that day. This week has already been a weird one for sleep, but hey hopefully this weekend is a chill one and I get to nap most of it with Charlie.

2. Get Charlie to a groomer-

 So Charlie was having some issues with dry paw pads, but now that we took care of that, he really needs to get his nails cut cuz I'm too scared to do it myself. He also needs a light trim so his hair isn't poking his cute puppy eyes. So this is a weekend task.

3. Order a new phone-

I really need to go do this. I still own an iPhone 4S and it is finally letting me know it's end is near. And now that I'm no longer under my ex's contract, I really should go place my iPhone 6 Plus order so I can get a new phone this year. 

So again, keeping it short, simple and somewhat doable this week. I have a feeling, I can cross off two of them off easily. I may be terrible at this keeping my wishes thing (for now), but still love these little lists. 

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