Weekly Wishes #2

YAYYY, Weekly Wishes is back! I apologize that this post is going up a bit late this Monday, but I was working on another important post and also work was busy so I couldn't sneak in time then. But anyway, I'm excited to be starting my second week of weekly wishes.

First things first, let's review last week's wishes and see what I accomplished. Remember my goal was to be able to cross out at least two of them. Here is last week's list:


Edit videos for my beauty channel


I'm really proud to have accomplished this. I ended up posting two of the videos I'd recorded. You can view and comment




. I was suppose to record one for today, since my goal is to post every Monday, but unfortunately, it will have to wait for tomorrow.


Keep my room clean


- OMG! I can't believe this was actually accomplished. But yes, I've managed to keep my room clean. This means my floors are clutter free and there is desk space.



 - So this started out on a great start until Friday when I injured my foot at work. It's ok, just bruised thankfully, but didn't wanna risk it so ended up just taking it easy since Friday.


Write some planned posts on this blog! -

 I didn't write the ones I was planning, but did manage to give you at least 2 posts last week so Yay for more than 1 post last week :)


Read 3 books. 

 - Soooooo, this might have been overambitious! But, at least it did push me to try to read more, which means I got further along in 

Love Anthony


Lisa Genova's Website


Now for this week's wishes:




1. Re-start

May Cause Miracles


 I keep starting this book and only getting to the 12th day at the most. I want to start the process again, especially as I begin a new chapter in my life. I recently became a single lady and want to embrace the fact that I'm alone after 5 years in a relationship. No worries, I'm still friends with my ex, Michael, but things just weren't working out for us. It was very amicable, but now I want to to enjoy the fact that I get to focus on me and embracing self-love. 

2. Read more.

 -I'm making this a bit more general this time. I want to finish

Love Anthony

, but also at least start my 2 books for this month's book clubs.

3. Get More Sleep.

- This is always something I struggle with, but I want to try my best to go to bed before 1 am this week in the attempt to train myself to go to bed earlier. My usual bedtime has been 2 am and well, I'm getting literally tired of this LOL. 

4. Begin organizing my magazines/Decluttering

- Now that my room is clean, I'd like to start minimizing my clutter and getting rid of stuff I don't need. I want to start this by getting through my old magazines. This process involves going through them and looking for any inspiring images/articles and saving those before tossing it out.

5. Enjoy my Birthday.

- Yes that's right, this week is my birthday week and I plan to make the most of it, even if I don't necessarily do something big. I'm not talking about a big party or anything fancy like that. I mean having a good birthday week of spoiling myself and just making the best of it. But hopefully something fancy does make it's way in. 

If you would like to join in on this fun, started by

The Nectar Collective



The Nectar Collective

Can't wait to see what your goals this week are. And let's hope more gets done this week LOL.