Weekly Wishes #3

So third week is starting off a bit rocky. I've been busy going out with friends a lot this past week or so, which is great, but would end up with me being too tired to open up the computer once I got home. But thankfully, I'm only late with this post by about 2 days or so. Wow, time seems to always fly by so quickly. Now, let's see what I was able to accomplish and what I want to get done with this week.

As I mentioned, my birthday was last week (thanks for all the bday wishes I got :) ) so I was definitely busy enjoying that. It was a very low key, but still made it as one of the best days so far, if mostly for the fact that I had the opportunity to enjoy the great company of a really cute friend (yes we are dating). So here is what I did get accomplished:

1. Re-start 

May Cause Miracles


 So I got too busy to actually start this. That, and I kept forgetting my iPad at home (I have the ebook version). I will probably start next week so let's hold off on this. 


Read more.

- I didn't finish any books, but I did at least read more pages of

Love Anthony

and I cracked open one of my book club books. So yay progress.

3. Get More Sleep. 

- This was probably not the best goal to have during my birthday week. I just got too wired up from the fun and excitement. 

4. Begin organizing my magazines/Decluttering

- Room stayed relatively clean, but again I was busy having fun and going out to dinner with my new guy that I didn't get to this. 


Enjoy my Birthday


- Oh did I ever! I really enjoyed my birthday this week. For one, I had really good company as I said above. At first it was just reconnecting with an old friend, but we felt this draw to each other, much like we had felt to a degree 5 years ago. Good conversation then led to us wanting to try dating and well here we are. And he really is super sweet. For my birthday, he brought me cake and ice cream and some nice cosmetics (he works in a cosmetics lab). We also enjoyed a night out to a comedy club, where we pretty much laughed the whole way through. Oh and my family got me one of the Kate Spade bags I wanted, so score!

Now for this week, I will try to reduce my wishes, if mostly for the fact that I'm late and I still have many plans to get to this week. So here are this week's weekly wishes:

1. Get More Sleep.

- This will probably be a goal until I get to a decent rhythm. So far, I'm not doing that great. But I will aim for 5 hours of sleep minimum this week.

2. Organize Blog Duties-

 So I feel like I could definitely work on getting anything blog related organized better. Sometimes I get so caught up with work and trying to be more social and well life that I will put any blog business to the side. I need to be able to catch up with emails, schedules and anything blog related.

3. Read More.

- Yes this made it on the list again. I just want to be able to finish at least one book, if not two. Plus since nights are getting colder now that fall is beginning to make a bit of a presence in California, it makes for the perfect reading weather.

Like I said, I want to keep my wishes a bit simpler and more obtainable, if mostly for the "shorter" week. If you would like to join in on this fun, started by 

The Nectar Collective



The Nectar Collective

Cross your fingers this means I get 2 things crossed off my list. And let me know your weekly wishes this week.