Beautiful Curls with KISS InstaWave

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I am so happy to be sharing this

KISS InstaWave

review with you guys. One thing I really envy my sister for (and my girl cousins), is their hair curling skills. I mean, they really have it down to a science.

It's not necessarily that I'm bad or don't know how, just that unlike them, it takes me about a half hour of me sorta accomplishing anything. For one, I take lots of breaks because my arm gets tired LOL. I also get impatient separating my strands and I get lazy towards the end when I have to curl the back of my head. Somehow my sister, whose hair is much longer than mine, can get it done in ten minutes, with no struggling and it looks flawless.

The sad thing is that my hair actually has natural curl to it so it curls nicely, when my sister does it for me haha. That is why I loved trying out the

KISS Instawave

. My shorter hair really looks great when it's curled and thanks to the InstaWave, I can do this much more often.

So what is the

Kiss InstaWave

? Well it's basically a self-curling curling iron. You just grab a strand of hair, put the InstaWave vertically next to the strand and then push the dial on it and bam, your hair gets curled. Sounds easy right?!

Well, kinda. I'm not saying its not genius or that it isn't easy, just that it takes a bit of practice, as with anything. At first I would curl in the "wrong direction" (towards my face, not away) and so my hair would get caught and tangled and no curl would result. But after a few tries and as I kept going, it got easier and still took less time curling my hair then my regular curling iron/wand.

I was actually very pleased with how my hair turned out. I prefer wavy curls to tight ones, especially with my short hair (Afro, no thank you). Better yet, the curls actually last. I fell asleep after I had taken the pictures for this post, and this morning my hair still had the nice waves. I even got a compliment from my coworker. And who doesn't love good hair days, especially on Fridays.

My only complaint would be that the iron did get a little hot and made a weird noise, but I'm guessing that's because of the curling action motor (thing?!). Other than that, I was surprisingly pleased and will be using it for those mornings where I wanna make my hair look nice, but am short on time.

I hope this review was helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you would try out products such as this one. And if you wanna learn more about the KISS InstaWave, click