Weekly Wishes #9

Here's this week's Weekly Wishes post. I had actually had it ready since the beginning of the week, but got busy and didn't finish writing it until today. Lots of crazy things have happened in the past week both good and bad. 

The good: I got to spend a very spontaneous fun Saturday in Ojai with James. I'm talking books, good conversation and goatnog (yes you read that right and mine was spiced with rum, thank you very much). The bad news: I was told yesterday I only have a job for two more weeks. Yea that was not expected, but at least I'll have more time for this blog while I find another job :)

Now since last week I did the Monthly Wishes post for December, here are this week's goals pertaining to those:


Edit Vlogmas Vids- 

I have uploaded the first one on my 

vlog channel

, but because my computer was acting up due to too much memory being used (oops), I had to actually take valuable editing time going through it and dumping what I could onto an external hard drive. But now that that's taken care of, I can edit the small batch in a Flash!

2. Finish a book (or two)-

 I have been reading more so this may actually be possible this week. I am more than halfway done with a book and still have another one that I finished mid-way. Plus I got some new books in Ojai.

3. Look for a Job-

 I was applying to jobs before the bad news, but now I'm applying even crazier than ever! Any leads would be swell, (in LA please, LOL).

Also, I wanted to say that I really appreciate your comments. Ooh that's something else I want to get to this week. I feel like I need to be on top of that more rather than waiting weeks to answer back.

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