Make Up Mondays: Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

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Insta Natural Argan Oil Hair Mask

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Insta Natural

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Make Up Mondays are back! I'm so happy to be doing this year's first post in the series. To start it off again, I am happy to be reviewing 

Insta Natural's Argan Oil Hair Mask

. With winter here (yes we have winter in Los Angeles), my normally oily hair gets rather dry. In fact, lately I've been using a lot of heat on it. I've been using the blow dryer a lot because it's too cold to go out with wet hair and have also been using the straightener a lot. Therefore, my hair needs some extra care.

That's where 

Insta Natural's Argan Oil Hair Mask

comes to the rescue. The mask is a deep conditioning treatment to help transform dry and damaged hair to beautiful healthy shiny hair. Like with other Argan Oil based products, it is super moisturizing. But it is not the only ingredient that helps revamp your hair. It also contains 

Japanese Green Tea, Amino Acid Complex, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil & Vitamin B5 to help penetrate hair and 

provide it with the nutrients and hydration it needs. It also helps protect it of other external elements such as heat (i.e. blow dryers). Best of all the ingredients are organic so you can be assured you're not putting junk in your hair.

Personally, I use this product once a week and really love how soft it leaves my hair. I will first wash my hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. After making sure my hair is nice and clean, I will get a generous amount of 

Insta Natural's Argan Oil Hair Mask

and leave it in my hair for about 10 minutes. If I have a shower cap handy, then I will put it on and continue with my shower while I let the mask do it's work. Then once the 10 minutes are over, I rinse it off and finish my shower.

After my shower, I will towel dry my hair before I blow dry it. I cannot even begin to describe how soft my hair feels after this. And best of all, it doesn't feel oily, it just feels soft and clean and healthy. Now I have tried other hair masks and I didn't like them very much because my hair would still feel oily or just not as soft as I'd expect. But with 

Insta Natural's Argan Oil Hair Mask

my hair truly feels rejuvenated. Like I said, my hair has been taking a lot of heat (HA!) lately, so it really does need this extra care and hydration at the end of the week. And it leaves my hair smelling really good.

Hope this review was helpful. If you'd like to give your hair some extra care as well, you can purchase your own jar


. Also let me know in the comments what you do to combat the effects of winter and the winter blues.