Paula Dorf Cosmetics Review

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Paula Dorf Cosmetics

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 If you need to know anything about me when it comes to makeup, it's that I love eyeshadows, and really any sort of eye makeup. It is my first love, always. So when I was given the opportunity to try out and review this

Paula Dorf Aztec City Palette and Mascara

, I got very excited. Aside from my excitement to add more eye makeup to my collection, I was also excited to try out a new-to-me cosmetics line.

Paula Dorf Cosmetics

have actually been around for a while and are hailed as industry favorites. Much of the love can be due to their innovative additions to the beauty industry such as 

Transformer® a product that goes from eyeshadow to liquid liner (um, really why hadn't I heard of this?! I need it in my life) and Clean-Up Stick® which helps get rid of makeup mistakes (I really need this!).

The palette comes with 5 eyeshadows and a double-sided brush. On one side you have an eyeshadow brush and on the other an eyeliner brush, which allows for versatile application. It also comes with a mirror, which I like since I can take it with me when I travel or just if I need to clean up my makeup throughout the day. The eyeshadows are soft and build able, which is great especially if you work in a more conservative office setting, which I sort of did. I must say though that the two more neutral colors (the browns) are the most pigmented of the five, while the others are much more subtle. But those are probably the two I'd use the most, along with the lightest (white silver color) shadow as a highlight. 

Along with the palette, I also received their mascara in teal. I was excited when I first read that I'd be getting a colored mascara since I love using that to add some color to my look. The teal however is very subtle and only gives a hint of color. This is great for the office, but if I might as well have gotten it in black. I like my color mascara to be slightly bolder. Then again, my lashes are pretty dark naturally so that may have played a part as too why the color was very subtle. In the sunlight however, it is slightly more noticeable.

So here's the look I created using the palette. It is very natural as you can see and doesn't come off to heavy which is great for the everyday look. I did use some of the blue and purple shadows to give hints of color, but mostly stuck to the brown neutrals. I would recommend really using this palette for interviews since it's not overwhelming or harsh.

Here's a better look with my eyes closed. I must admit, I am just now noticing that the mascara does make my lashes look subtly fuller/longer. The shadows blend well (although I should have done a better job LOL). I love how they look with my skin tone and really, they seem very versatile with any skin tone. Overall, I am happy with the shadows and will continue to use them for everyday looks as well as a staple in my handbag.

I hope this review was helpful. If this seems like something that should be a staple for your own everyday look,

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And let me know in the comments if you have tried it or any other Paula Dorf Cosmetics out. Also feel free to request anything else you'd like me to write about.