Weekly Wishes #10: January Wishes || Resolutions

OMG everyone!!! It's 2015!!! Yes I cannot believe it is a new year already. I remember being so excited to fly in for New Years Eve last year in order to ring in 2014 in L.A. I'm also excited to get back to blogging. I didn't plan on taking a 2 week+ hiatus, but with the Holidays and trying to wrap things up at work before my last day. Anyway, the point is that I am back and have some good post ideas planned and my blog revamp is coming along nicely. So since it is the New Year and since I am trying to get back into the swing of things, I thought doing my usual annual Resolutions post as part of Weekly Wishes was a good idea, so here they are:

1. Be More Present-

 So given the ups and downs of last year and looking back on how I could have gone about things, I wish to be more in the moment. I want to live more, laugh more, explore more and appreciate more and the only way to achieve those things is to be more present. For me this means spending more time with friends and family and just fully enjoying my time, no matter what I am doing. One step I've taken so far is taking a social media break.

This week I've decided to partially give up social media. The only use of it I am allowing myself is posting about new posts, such as this one and posting a daily check in of my workouts for my third year doing the Love Your Body Challenge on Instagram. Oh and Pinterest, but only because I use it for blog ideas and to plan some much thought about DIYs while I'm not working. But even with Instagram, I haven't really been on it much so yay! I just really felt I had to do this and may even plan  a once a week social media free day for myself from now on.

So far, this has allowed me more time to spend quality time with friends, more time to organize and more time to do other things I'd been wanting to do, such as play video games and spend time with my dogs. Plus, I'm not as attached to my phone and finally caught up on Revenge lol. And it is just really liberating and has allowed me to start letting more positivity in (since I'm not comparing my life to others).

2. DeClutter my Life-

 So this will be shorter than the above LOL. Basically, since moving back from New York I've realized I've got too much junk. I use to be a bit of a sentimental hoarder. Not that my room was filled to the brim with stuff, but I held on to things that have just been taking up room. Some of these things are tons of old magazines and years old files. So I just want to be more of a minimalist and declutter stuff that is no longer useful to me. In the past year, I have gotten rid of stuff, but work and school slowed me down, so now that I've got free time, it's time I get to it. Plus it will allow me to fulfill my first resolution and redo my room :)

3. Work on Time Management-

 This is self explanatory. But basically I want to stop being late to places, get more s@&! done and get more sleep.

4. Improve on my Blog & Channel-

 Over the past year, I've really worked hard on getting this blog to where it is and I am so proud of that. But this year, I really want to take it further and improve on my blog management. I also want to start committing to my YouTube channels more.

5. Travel More-

 Last but not least is the most specific of them all LOL. What I mean by this is that I don't just want to travel more, that is always a goal of mine, but I actually have places to go and more importantly people to see. With my friends being spread out across the US (so to speak), I really want to make this year special by going to see some of my favorite people. One of them is Tuyen, my bestie/roomie I had in NYC. She resides in Seattle and down in Portland live another friend from the Exchange program.

My goal is to take a road trip (my first ever) up the West Coast (gotta represent!) to go visit them. For one, hello ROAD TRIP, and two, I get to see my friends in some really cool cities. Another friend I want to see is my other bestie from NYC, Ashley. I miss her a lot too and she is just so sweet. Her and Tuyen are like my soul sisters. Plus it'd be nice to visit the Big Apple again. And last but not least is one of my closest friends from High School who just transferred to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. She is just the most down to earth girl I know and always knows how to have a good time.

Sorry for that super long post, but hey, I'm just excited to be blogging again after that long hiatus (and a bit of writer's block). And yes I also have the other usual ones like working out and paying off debt and setting off my career and all that, but I wanted to highlight these ones since they are the ones I've given the most thought to.

How about your resolutions? Are they similar to mine? Do you have any or are you going without them this year? Let me know in the comments and also share anything you'd like me to blog about.

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