Weekly Wishes #11

As always, my Weekly Wishes posts comes a bit late and by that I mean not on Monday LOL. But I won't bore you with too much introduction since last week's

Weekly Wishes post

 was quite lengthy (and yes I realize it's more resolutions, than January wishes). Also, I am back on social media, but honestly now its-GASP- eh to me! Yes I still use it because it is useful for communicating and all, but I feel myself being able to set it aside more often, so yay me. Anyway, before I ramble on, here are this week's wishes:

1. Organize Files, Papers & Mags-

 So I am sort of consolidating these since they are all papers and take over my room in stacks LOL. That and they are all sort of put together. Plus they require filing. I've actually already gotten through a lot of them already (YAY Me!), but there is still much to do.

2. Clean out/Organize my closet-

 So I could have just said my wish is to organize, but I had to put them into separate wishes because organizing my "paper" stuff is a whole different thing than trying to tackle my closet. I do this almost on a bi-annual basis (did that make sense?), but this year I am planning to be a lot more realistic about what to keep, plus I will be implementing a bit of a different method than usual. Let me know if you want a post on this FYI.

3. Start Planning my Road Trip-

 So in last week's wishes


I talked about wanting to travel a bit more and in that mentioned my resolution to take a road trip to Seattle (ahem up the West Coast, oh yeah!). Well in order to make that happen I need to start planning it and figuring out the costs so I can give myself a date and also see how much to save up. I'm already on it, but still have a ways to go.

I will leave it at that since I tend to over do it, and then I accomplish nothing LOL. But you guys know reading will always be there, and I'm happy to report I just finished

Paper Towns

 By John Green (I'll review it if you want).

Now it's your turn to share your wishes for the week in the comments :) If you'd like I mean.

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