Weekly Wishes #12

Yay for this post going up earlier in the week :) What actually helped was that I spent Sunday night working on different possible pictures for this post, while trying to procrastinate other blog duties. I know I am terrible, but sometimes my mind just works productively counter-productively (does that even make sense?) Anyway, I like that it helped me not procrastinate this post.

So let's review last week's wishes first:

1. Organize Files, Papers & Mags-

 I did slow down on this task, but I got rid of sooo many papers and magazines. And I can also now open my singular desk (it's actually a bookcase) drawer. But it's far from over.

2. Clean out/Organize my closet-

 Um I bought a sweater organizer and hangers. That counts right? But seriously this needs to get done.

3. Start Planning my Road Trip- 

So obviously this will take a while to accomplish but I did figure out it takes about 20 hours to drive from Los Angeles to Seattle, I've figured out some of my stops (San Francisco and Portland for sure), and I'm starting to find things I want to do along my stops. I should probably start a Pinterest board just for this, yea that seems like a good start.

Looking at what I accomplished, I feel good. But still I need to get more done. So this week, my wishes are to:

1. Sort through the rest of my Magazines.-

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Also I need binders to organize the articles I saved.

2. Choose a project from my Pinterest Boards-

 So a while back I mentioned that I wanted to start a Pinterest project and challenged myself from making my pins a reality. Well, after that things got busy and I have yet to recreate a project. This week however, I am feeling really artsy (that's why I choose this post's pic :)) so I want to keep organizing my boards (i.e. make pins for my likes) and choose one of my pins to recreate. Nothing crazy, but I just want to create something.

3. Figure out a Blog Schedule from now until March-

I feel this is dire! I really need to figure out what I want to post and have a guideline so that I can keep doing what I enjoy and share that with you.

Now I am curious to see what your wishes for the week are. Share in the comments below and let me know if they are at all similar to mine.

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