Weekly Wishes #13

Can you believe its the last Monday of January? Wow does time go by quickly. It's also Monday and I am posting Weekly Wishes well at the beginning of the week AND it's my second post of the day! I'm on a roll LOL! But honestly, after weeks (er, months?) of being out of sorts and having a bit of writer's/blogger's block, I finally feel like I'm back. Which lead's to me to last week's goal. Let's see what I got or didn't get done:

1. Sort through the rest of my Magazines.- 

Yea didn't even pick one up. Oops.

2. Choose a project from my Pinterest Boards-

Honestly, I just kept pinning. I didn't actually get to one because I soon realized I just can't afford to buy art supplies right now since I'm still on the job hunt. BUT I did choose

this one


this one

to do once I have the funds.

3. Figure out a Blog Schedule from now until March- 

I haven't figured it out all the way to March, BUT I at least have the next two weeks more or less figured out. I just need to get the calendar out and write it down.

Now here are this week's wishes:

1. Blog Schedule-

 I've already explained this above, but my goal is to get it down on paper and come up with some other post ideas.

2. Hike More-

 I love to hike, but I seem to get lazy to do this. But I want to take at least 3 hikes this week, with and without the dogs. I love that this requires no money and can also be a great way to relax. Plus if I invite friends, it becomes a nice social activity.

3. Finish two books-

 Now I actually believe this is possible this week. Since participating in the

National Readathon Day

with some book club friends this past Saturday (we pledged to read from noon to 4pm), I got the ball rolling on my reading goals. I got 145 pages of

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

 by Stieg Larsson (love this series) done in that sitting and read even more that night. So since I'm halfway done with it, I know I can finish this and another book by the end of the week. Plus I'm trying to read before bed since it helps me curb electronics from distracting me. This means a more reasonable bedtime.

What are your goals for the week? Share them in the comments below and as always remember you can join in on the Weekly Wishes link-up by heading here:

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