February Wishes || Weekly Wishes # 14

It's Thursday and I'm just getting this up. I kept trying to put it up, but work has been crazy. No really, my eye has been twitching like crazy and let's not get started on my neck. Needless to say I am stressed out, but I am also grateful to be somewhat employed again. Also naps are great, I don't know why I hated them for so long. Anyway, mercury is almost done being in retrograde, so I have hope this month (can't believe its February) will only get better !

Before we get to my wishes for the month, let's see if I was able to accomplish last week's wishes:

1. Blog Schedule- 

 Yea still need to sit and write this down.

2. Hike More-

 So I didn't get to 3 hikes, but I did do 2 nice hikes. One of them was with my dogs and I finished just before the rain came pouring down lol. The other hike was a really long hike (like 3+ hours) with my old coworker Ashlee. We ended up doing one of the Hollywood Sign trails and obviously I took a lot of pictures.

Hike #1:

Hike #2 (Hollywood Sign):

3. Finish two books-

 Like I said I'm newly employed and lately have just been really busy/tired. So I didn't even finish one book, but I did read 100 pages more of

The Girl that Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

 So yay for that.

So with that I bring you my February Wishes:

1. Write Down the Blog Schedule-

 To actually stay on track I will just focus on planning out this month's posts. Seems simple, yet somehow it's impossibly hard to execute LOL.

2. Get Myself on a Schedule-

 So I keep trying to get so much done in a day, but somehow only manage to actually accomplish one or two things. I really need to work on my time management and get myself into a nice schedule or routine that is conducive to me working from home. Plus I really need to stop working way into 3am.

3. Design the New Blog Elements-

 I may have mentioned before that I am working on a new blog design with a friend of mine. Well he gave me a list of tasks to get to so that he can really start working on the site. Sadly I keep putting them off. Not so much because I don't want to, but because I'm either busy or feel overwhelmed by other things going on and Netflix just seems more appealing during those times.

Since February is such a short month, I will leave it at that. If I accomplish this yay and if by a miracle I do more than OMG who am I?! Now I'm curious to know what your wishes for the month are. Also anyone mind sharing their V-Day chocolate with me? No seriously!

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