Friday Favorites: Mr. Pickles, Tea + More

This week was a bit slow and I stayed in most of the week working on my YouTube channel. Seriously, I've lived in my pajamas starting on Tuesday until Thursday night when James invited me over. After that I finally seemed to get myself to places that weren't my bed lol. But that didn't mean there weren't certain things that made me happy (other than spending time with James of course). So with that here are the Friday Favorites for the week:

Favorite Instagram Account/Quotes:


Kelly Rutherford's Instagram


So this week I fell in love with Lily Van Der Woodsen ––er,

Kelly Rutherford's Instagram

. More importantly, I fell in love with her IG quote posts. Seriously her account is filled with them. I love how beautifully positive these are and how they kinda just let you take a step back and appreciate life as it is. Also love the one about chasing dreams.

Favorite Scent:

Target is awesome. I love it. Also, I love candles. So of course I fell in love with this candle at Target. It seriously smells ahhhhh-mazing! I could almost eat it, but I won't, but still.

Favorite Tea:

I may have mentioned my love for Winter Dream Tea, but I'm including it because I was just so excited to get my hands on the last tins. My last day as a Post PA was on Monday and since the office was right across a Coffee Bean that still had some tins left, I was very happy they were carrying it so late into the season and that I could stock up. I got two tins for me and one for James :)

Favorite Amazon Buy:

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I've been working on my YouTube videos a lot this week and that means lots of editing time. So you can imagine how excited to find out a Final Cut (what I use for the most part) keyboard cover. It was time to replace my old cover so this was like a double win for me. New cover + editing awesomeness.

Favorite New Cartoon:

Last week I told you how I started watching Bob's Burgers. This week its Mr. Pickles, a cartoon about a dog who is very much on the evil side. This cartoon is not for the faint of heart. I don't usually watch a lot of cartoons or animated series, but lately James has really been turning me on to them. Like seriously, why haven't I been watching more cartoons! Anyway, back to Mr. Pickles; it is very dark humor and its not for everyone. James and me definitely have a pretty twisted sense of humor so we loved this. I mean really a dog who pretty much kills in his spare time, is kinda genius, in a cartoon sorta way. Its almost reminds me of Itchy and yea you've been warned. 

What were your favorites this week? Please share them below and let me know what you think about my favorites this week.