Friday Favorites: Oscars + Quotes + More

This week has been busy with a capital B, but it has also been quite awesome. I continued my work as a day player throughout the week and have really been enjoying my job. I've been learning all sorts of Post Production stuff I didn't know before and the people there are awesome. Also, I had two interviews for some great jobs. Anyway, here are my favorites:

Favorite Quote(s):

This week I chose two quotes that I really loved (among the many I pin/come across). The first is this one:




This quote really stood out to me. I think sometimes we get so caught up in acquiring things and paying attention to things and not what's actually happening around us. Even sometimes needing to take pictures or videos to "capture the moment," but we often forget to actually enjoy the moments and collect them in our memories.

The other quote I loved is this one:




There is something I find beautiful in a mess, in chaos. I don't know I just really liked the quote.

Favorites Movie:

With the Oscars coming up, I decided I should probably try to watch some movies. One of the ones I got to was Whiplash, and it is by far my favorite so far (I've watched Boyhood and Birman as well so far). I love the simple settings, the way the characters are built up, and the music! Also J.K. Simmons is amazing, as per usual. I really hope he wins supporting actor.

Favorite Oscar-related Item:




Other than the movies, I watch the Oscars for the fashion. I love this little infographic on the winning actresses and their dresses. Plus it's kinda cool to see the style changes.

Favorite OOTD:

If you follow me on


, you might have seen this OOTD already. Like I mentioned earlier, I had two interviews this week and they were practically back to back. I decided to wear my wine colored Calvin Klein heels and new black pants as well as my new wine colored shirt (neckline is embellished) and of course my trusty Kate Spade handbag. It was the perfect first impression outfit.

What are your favorites this week? And anyone tuning into the Oscars? Share your favorites and your Oscar predictions below. Excited to see what y'all have to share.