Weekly Wishes #15

As always, I wanted to get this up on Monday cuz that's usually when people start the week, but I was 1) busy and 2) lazy and yes that can happen simultaneously. I know I mentioned last week was trés crazy (or cray if you insist) and well it just kept getting crazier, some good, some bad. But alas, Mercury is supposed to get the hell out of retrograde which means that everything should start going back to whatever normal was. I mean if you believe in all that, which in my case, I sorta did if only to be able to have something to blame for the chaos.

Last week I stated some of my wishes for the month, and even though the month isn't over and the aforementioned craziness ensued, I've already accomplished one of them. I finally wrote down a blog schedule, at least for the rest of the month. I even scheduled the YouTube videos I want to film for the month including

this one.

 I still need to figure out my daily schedule, which is still very up in the air.

Anyway, here are my wishes for the week:

1. Follow the rest of the schedule for the week-

 I think this is pretty self explanatory. I have the schedule to guide me. It's not stringent, but I would like to commit to at least making the posts I wanted or just a post for the days I planned. Obviously I need to catch up since I already started late lol.

2. Go HAM on the Job Search-

 Yea this is gonna happen no matter what! Why? Because I need a job and I need money cuz bills don't get paid with love or baked goods.

3. Go to bed before 1am-

 I've almost given up on a normal sleep schedule...ALMOST. But for now I just want to be able to go to bed before 1am. It's feasible, I hope.

I hope everything goes back to normal for everyone now that Mercury is no longer going to be in retrograde. I wish you guys a fantastic rest of the week and Happy Valentine's to all, single or taken :)

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