Weekly Wishes #16

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, whether you were single or not. I definitely enjoyed a day to myself catching up on Netflix and eating chocolate covered strawberries. That's right, I chose to love myself on Valentine's Day. For one, most of my gals had plans with their guys and two, James and me aren't at that level yet LOL (and our IHop date made up for it on my end). Anyway, I'm excited to start a new week with new wishes, especially since the last one ended so well.

So let's review my wishes from last week:

1. Follow the rest of the schedule for the week-

 It's slowly coming together, but I still need to put some heat under my ass to move it along LOL


Go HAM on the Job Search-

OMG guys, good things are happening in this area of my life. I am currently working a short-term gig I love (it's nice to love what you do), which is actually doing something I want to do. Plus the people are nice. I also have an interview set up later this week for after the gig is done. Fingers crossed.

3. Go to bed before 1am-

 This worked until Friday and then that rolled into the weekend. Still need to work on this.

This week's wishes are:

1. Eat more Veggies-

 I know I've fallen off the healthy bites wagon and am really struggling to get back on, but I actually haven't been that bad. That being said, I noticed my diet is seriously lacking veggies lately so I need to get some salads on my plate this week.

2. Watch the Oscar Nominees-

 So I love watching the Oscars and am so excited for them this Sunday....BUT I've only watched Boyhood. So I am trying to at least get through the Best Picture nominees by the time the awards air.

3. Take some Codecademy/Skillshare classes-

 I've been meaning to do this, especially because I need to start working on blog elements as well as my portfolio website for my professional stuff.

So what are your wishes for the week? And how was your Valentine's Day? Share in the comments below. And remember, you can always join the link up hosted by

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