Friday Favorites: Trader Joes, Target and Books

Anyone else feel this week flew by? For whatever reason I woke up today going, "Whoa, it's time for Friday Favorites already?" I feel like it should barely be Wednesday, but I guess that's what happens when you have an early week, or maybe it's the fact that it's been such a hot spring week. I actually worked a couple of days this week (woohoo!) both babysitting and orientation at my new official job. Those days left me pretty tired so I'd go to sleep or just veg out in front of the TV.  These were my favorites that helped me get through the week.

Favorite Podcast:

Don't judge me, but I just started listening to


! I know it created a lot of buzz last year and that pretty much everyone (except me lol) already listened to it. I'd actually downloaded it a month ago, but finally had the opportunity to listen to it this week on my way to work, since the traffic heading there was atrocious enough that I could get through at least one full episode during my transit. I'm loving it and really it's no surprise 'cause I LOVE crime investigative journalism. Its also got me looking into crime shows/books.

Favorite Treat:

OMG these cookies are EVERYTHING! Ok so last Saturday I discovered these little delicious gems when I was babysitting. I was craving something sweet and well these hit the spot. They were so good, I ended up heading to Trader Joe's (seriously, they have the best stuff) and buying 2 boxes (yes 2). I ate the first box almost entirely by myself, but shared the second box with James (I left it at his house because of what happened to box #1 LOL). Basically is butter cookies with speculoos in between which is just devilish addictive genius! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Favorite Read: 

Lately, I've really been great at making time for reading. I started reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green while babysitting, but on Monday I finished the book by relaxing at Starbucks (how awesome is that barista's handwriting). For whatever reason, I was very wiped out at Monday, so instead of working on my blog, I sat down and read. Mind you, I had already been working on blog stuff earlier, so this was some nice "me time."

Favorite Target Finds:

Target is the other place that always has the best things! I needed to go buy some organization items, but like most people, I always happen to come across the stuff I don't need, but end up wanting badly, at Target. So for some reason I found myself in the stationary and found the cute breakfast food thank you (?) cards and the cute silver polaroid camera piggy bank! Both are totally me and the piggy bank made me want to re-do/decorate my room.

Favorite Quote: 

Every time you open the GoodReads app, a quote will appear as it loads your feed. I really loved this one since it basically says that no one can steal your thunder or what makes you unique. People can try to tear you down, but no matter what you can shine. It just seems perfect on those days when you're having a hard time believing in yourself.

So what are your Friday Favorites this week? Please share them with me and let me know how your week was. I hope you enjoyed my favorites and also, I will be posting my March Favorites on my

beauty channel

soon, so look out for it :)