In The Trenches

In The Trenches

First off I want to say Happy St. Paddy's Day (recently learned Patty's is incorrect LOL). Anyway, I am excited to share this post with you because I haven't done a fashion post in so long. A few weeks ago, I went out shopping with my sister and noticed that as stores were bringing in their new Spring clothing, a lot of trench coats were popping up.

I don't know about you, but I do love me a good trench coat. They are super versatile and just look good with anything (IMO). They are lightweight and perfect for the warm LA nights out yet hold up in the rain as well (my bestie from Seattle can attest to this). 

This year though, trench coats seem to have gotten a bit of a makeover. Usually when you think of a trench coat you thing of the usual beige long trench coat that belts at the waist. At the stores however, I saw trench coats in all different colors, particularly pastels. There were also navy blue and gray ones and some even came in this really nice faux suede fabric. 

They are also coming in different lengths and styles. Some come in a slouchier style, sometimes with no buttons or with only a few. I honestly can't wait to get my hands on one. My favorites so far come in the shorter, slouchier variety and in dusty grays and blues. A trench coat is definitely a staple I think ever woman should have in her closet, and its nice that with these "twists" to the classic trench coat can adapt to each woman's individual style. 

What do you think about these new trench coats? Which ones do you have your eye on?