March Wishes || Weekly Wishes #17

March Wishes || Weekly Wishes #17

I don't know about you but I am super excited for March. It's not even that there is anything particularly big personally or for the blog (yet LOL), but I'm just excited for a normal-length month, my sister's birthday (the 4th) and spring. February came and went as was expected and while it was a good month, I'm kinda glad it's over. I just feel much more in my zone now so I'm really hoping with the coming of spring, there is a nice change of pace, both personally and on the blog. For that, I am excited to share with you my March Wishes.

But first, let's review my wishes from two weeks ago (sorry last week's didn't happen):

1. Eat more Veggies-

 Um...still trying.

2. Watch the Oscar Nominees-

 I watched 4 out of the 8 Best Picture Nominees and yes I did see the awards. Happy with who won and my favorite Nominee was Whiplash!

3. Take some Codecademy/Skillshare classes-

 Still need to actually take a class, but did sign up for a bunch of them :)

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And with that, here are March's Wishes:

1. Start Posting Fashion Posts again-

 When I really started blogging, I use to post more fashion related posts than I have lately and to be honest, I miss that! I've noticed lately my posts are either wishes, favorites or some sponsored posts and not much variety. As much as I like my current posts, I would love to start adding more fashion posts and other non-sponsored content. On that note: Comment suggestions on what you wanna see below :)


Grow my Beauty/Main YouTube Channel-

 I'm slowing getting better at this, but I need to be more consistent and not let little technicalities (and my perfectionism) get in the way cuz it's just holding me back from doing something I enjoy. 

3. Learn some Gardening Skills-

 Spring makes me thing of plants and flowers and nature. This makes me want to learn how to garden (at least so things don't die). I would really like to work on my backyard so I can have friends over as the weather warms up and so my dogs can enjoy it a bit more.

I will leave it at that. I think those wishes, plus last month's wishes, will keep me busy for the month. Yes it's a longer month, but all of those will take a lot of my time so let's keep it simple why don't we. 

Now I'm curious to know what you hope to accomplish in the month of March (and hoping it keeps raining in LA). Any exciting plans or events to look forward to? Let me know in the comments below. Can't wait to see what you guys have to say. 

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