Weekly Wishes #18

Weekly Wishes # 18

One week into March and I'm already having all sorts of love for this month. Seriously, so far this month has been fabulous to me. Plus is every else as happy as me that DST is here? I mean yes I did hate "losing" my one hour of sleep, though it didn't alter my plans much, but the gorgeous longer days are a good tradeoff. Makes me so excited for my weekly wishes.

These past two days have been sunny and make you just wanna get out and be outdoors. Aside from that though, I also had a great week, even before having days filled with sun past 6pm. I finally found a job I'm truly excited about, even if it is only part time. My first day as a CBS page is tomorrow and I'm very excited since I finally feel my career is moving forward again. Plus I had lots of fun with friends this week. Without further ado though, let's get to this week's wishes.

1. Set a bedtime alarm-

So lately I've been listening to the Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin (From the Happiness Project) and Elizabeth Craft and they gave the suggestion of a bedtime alarm. This is basically what it sounds like: Setting an alarm to tell you to go to bed. I really need to do this especially after my out of control sleep patterns this week (6am is not a good bedtime). This will also help promote a better sleep schedule so *fingers crossed* it works.

2. No phone upon waking up-

I've been wanting to be more efficient with my time lately and one way to do this is to stop checking my phone first thing in the morning. Seriously, I always plan to have productive mornings but that goes down the drain as soon as I check my phone (i.e. texts, email, social media, etc). I will tell myself I'm only gonna check my notifications and then an hour or two later I'm still scrolling and my to-do lists slowly gets harder to accomplish since I've just wasted time. So no phone until I'm at least dressed and only if I really have time.

3. Plan my weekends-

 Ok so this is a MUST for me. While I love spontaneity and making plans on the spot (it can be an adventure), lately I've noticed that unless I make plans earlier in the week, I end up spending my weekends in bed scratching my head as I try to figure out what I could be doing. With the days getting warmer and being so gorgeous I think it's a shame if I keep up this routine. So I need to start finding things to do and making plans to go do them, whether its planning a beach day, a day at the museum or making plans for brunch/drinks/whatever with friends. I also need to do this since my friends need to know in advance if they will be free or not.

4. Block out an hour a day for Design "stuff"-

 I've been trying unsuccessfully to design blog elements but it needs to be done so I am going to try to designate an hour a day at least to work on design-related items and maybe even some editing stuff. 

What do you hope to accomplish this week? And how are you liking March so far? Share in the comments and here's to the good vibes continuing this week. 

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