Weekly Wishes #19 (& Weekend Recap)

Weekly Wishes #19 by Astrid Stars and a Weekend Recap

How was everyone's week? I don't know about you, but I had a productive week and am still very much loving March. I've also just noticed how "happening" (I feel like I sound like a dad saying that, but oh well) the month is or at least how every weekend seems to have a holiday going on. I mean the weekend before it was DST starting and this past weekend it was Pi Day (more of that in a bit) and then St. Patty's day and more to come. So let's do this....

Last week's wishes were:

1. Set a bedtime alarm-

Ok, I'll be honest, I just started doing this last night....sooo I guess I better set tonight's alarm. Also I failed this 'cause 1 day/1week is not enough to say if this worked.

2. No phone upon waking up- 

I will admit this is hard sometimes, but I've managed to do better than expected. I was very successful with it for most of the week, but I caved this weekend. Also, it's hard to gage when it's "OK" to check my phone already when I don't have anything to get to right away. So I'm gonna try not using it within the first hour of waking up.

3. Plan my weekends-

 So this was a semi-success. I planned Friday night and Sunday accordingly, but Saturday was a bit of a hit or miss. First off, I need to plan at least 3 days ahead since my friends are busy or just need a heads up. Friday I went bowling with a

Meetup group

and it went OK. It was for newcomers (like me), but it felt rushed and the place was too loud to really get to know one another. I'm glad I went out, but it also felt like a waste of my time and money.

Weekly Wishes #19 by Astrid Stars and a Weekend Recap, including Pi Day

Republic of Pie, people in line for Pie

Weekly Wishes #19 by Astrid Stars and a Weekend Recap, including Pi Day

Pie List at Republic of Pie

Weekly Wishes #19 by Astrid Stars and a Weekend Recap, including Pi Day

Pumpkin Pie and Nutella Latte at Republic of Pie

Saturday was Pi Day (3.14, get it) and I got very excited, but also had a moment of sadness. See, I didn't realize the date until the night before and then when I asked who wanted to join me, everyone seemed busy or said they "might" be interested. Alas, I decided to just go ahead and go by myself to Republic of Pie, one of my favorite Pie places and work on the blog there. And then things got better. 

The Power of the Pi(e). James texted me while I was finishing up creating a content calendar for the blog (FINALLY did this LOL. Kudos to me right?). His phone service can be spotty sometimes so he had just seen my text from earlier that day. Basically, he would have joined me had he seen it earlier. This cheered me up and since I had finished setting up the calendar, I offered to deliver pie to him and his mom. In the end we ended up hanging out and having a good time talking and watching Brain Games (such a cool show). 

Weekly Wishes #19 by Astrid Stars and a Weekend Recap, including Farmer's Market

My Farmer's Market flowers :)

On Sunday, James and I decided to try "Sushi Sunday," and idea I got from Ingrid Nilsen (aka

Miss Glamorazzi

). Basically, we (well really I) have decided to designate Sundays for going out for Sushi. But before we even met up for Sushi, I decided to start my Sunday off right by heading to the Farmer's Market in Studio City (since I actually woke up early) and get my self some flowers, even in the 90+ degree heat. Anyway, Sushi Sunday was a success. We enjoyed our Sushi/Bento dinners and also some dessert at FatBurger (we are gluttons) and basked in our food comas. There was also awesome conversation as always, which is my favorite part of hanging out with him. 

4. Block out an hour a day for Design "stuff"-

 Yea, this didn't happen. 

This week's wishes:

1. Fill Content Calendar-

 So the calendar has been created as in its been set up. Now to put it to use and start filling it with content I'd like to plan for the blog.

2. Research Gardening-

 For my

March Wishes


I mentioned wanted to learn to garden. Well I've decided to finally get the ball rolling this week. I need to research what I want to plant. I need to look into the kind of grass I'd like and also set a plan as to how I want to go about the whole shebang.

3. Create Content Calendars for YouTube Channel-

 Pretty self-explantory. I don't really need to do this for my

Vlog Channel

 (although I do need an editing schedule and decide if I want to switch to weekly vlogs). I do need this for my

Main/Beauty Channel

however, it makes it so it's easier for me to grow the channel.

I will leave it at that since this post is probably my longest one ever. And I wanna go to bed LOL. Now it's your turn to share your wishes for the week. And remember you can also join in on the fun and do your own Weekly Wishes posts by joining the link up hosted by 

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