Friday Favorites: Blog Tools

Friday Favorites: Blog Tools

*Contains Affiliate Links*

If you read my goals for the month, you won't be so surprised that my favorites this week are blogging related. My biggest goal for the month and future is to improve my blog so that I reach more people and make it more welcoming. Because of my focus on my goal of growing and improving my blog, I have begun seeking out some useful tools for both novice bloggers and the more experienced. But I'll keep it all short and simple since I took a sleeping pill so that I could wake up super early for a work-related run. Anyway, I digress. Let's see what my favorite blog tools are this week:

1.  Planners- I don't use my Day Designer as much as I'd like, but when I do, it really helps to keep me focus. I try to at least write the big dates in the calendar section so I have an idea of what't going on that month. And I just ordered two for next year. Also, I've begun mapping out my editorial calendar on it before I add it to a digital calendar.

2. Twitter Chats- These past few weeks I've become obsessed with Twitter chats, particularly, #FBLChat, #NectarChat, #Createlounge and #Ellechat. The chats are a great tool to learn how other bloggers are tackling their blog issues and also helps build friendships with other bloggers. 

3. Facebook Groups- These are like twitter chats, but in a more casual setting. Also, you have more than 140 characters to work with. A few good ones that I like are: 

Blog + Biz BFFs


Her Campus Blogger Network

4. Social Media Managers- Because of Twitter Chats, I've been using social media managers such as




 have begun to be very important in my life. I've used Hootsuite before to schedule social media for blogs, and that alone helps save a lot of money. Recently, I've also heard about 

Meet Edgar

, which allows you  'recycle' campaings/tweets. Many bloggers I know say that it has helped them so much with promoting their work and handling their social media.

5. E-Courses- Ok so these are something I'm excited to talk about. In my opinion, e-courses are one of the best tools bloggers should take advantage of. It's like taking a class just about blogging, cuz well that's what it is. They can be very specific or a little more broad on the topics they broach, but nonetheless excellent tools. This month I've signed up for two.

One of them is 

Pinfinite Growth

 and was created by Melyssa Griffith of 

The Nectar Collective

. In it, she teaches bloggers on how to use Pinterest to their best advantage and also use it to grow their blogs. The other course or courses I signed up for was the

Soloprenuer Success Bundle


One Woman Shop


This bundle is only $99 for the next 10 minutes and I have an

affiliate link

 for it because I  really believe in this bundle. It contains advice and info from a variety of great bloggers.  I wish I would have push myself to sign up for E-Courses earlier and not been so lost.

If you are a new blogger or simply want to grow your blog, this list is essential. It will keep you organized for your blog and also give you blogger advice a plenty. Share any other blogger tools you use in the comments below.