Monthly Wishes: September 2015

Monthly Wishes: September 2015

First of all...OMG it's already September!! I can't believe how fast the year is going by and also how much I've slacked off during it LOL. At the beginning of this year, I had joined 

The Nectar Collective

's Weekly Wishes link up and would occasionally also do a Monthly Wishes version. Sadly, the link up is no longer, but I still love the idea of setting up goals. That being said, I decided that its about time I really start planning out my months, at least, and so here we are with my Monthly Wishes for September.

As opposed to past Monthly Wishes (and Weekly) where I just choose a small number of goals, this time I've decided to just kind of run off a list because there is a lot I want to get done this month and I feel I need to give myself a little shove in the ass to get it all done. More importantly, I need to write it all into my handy dandy Day Designer and also follow through with making an editorial calendar. 

Personal Goals:

Blog Goals:

  • Design new site- i.e. banner, color code, etc.
  • Create Editorial Calendar- for this I will be using this as one of my guides.
  • Schedule posts in advance- including graphics.
  • Add all the blog chats I attend on Twitter to my planner/calendar.
  • Begin creating a business plan
  • Launch sponsor program/ads
  • Create a budget- since I want to invest on my blog
  • Sign up for E-Courses, starting with this one
  • Continue the 30 Day Blogging Challenge
  • Engage with my communities online

Other goals:

  • Work on my Youtube channel- starting with biweekly videos
  • Look for Freelance writing ops
  • Look for screenwriting courses
  • Finish screenplay....

Obviously I want to accomplish a lot this month and even though in the past I've tried to avoid overwhelming myself, I'm changing things up a bit. Mostly, I want to be busy and stay busy, but also still enjoy my life. I really want to work on all those things I've been afraid to do like going full force with my blog and my career. Also, I feel that by pushing myself, I am more likely to schedule it and having it all written a public forum helps!

What do your goals for the month look like? Share in the comments below and if you have any advice/links you'd like to share I will be in your favor.