My Week With TV: Fall TV Week 1

My Week With TV Fall TV Week 1 Premieres

*May contain Spoilers*

Fall is officially here, if only someone would give Los Angeles the memo (seriously still so HOT). It is my favorite season for many reasons such as sweater weather (when it finally cools), pumpkin everything and my birthday (Holla!). When I was a student, the beginning of the school year signaled the start of the season for me, but I'm no longer a student. One thing that still signals the beginning of the season for me though is the start of Fall TV!

But before I get to what caught my eye during the first week of premieres, let's talk a little bit about the Emmy's. I know

I wrote about the shows

I would try to get through before the Emmy's aired, but I'm still making my way through them. So far I finished Parks and Recreation (which I loved) and Silicon Valley (also loved and so funny). Now as for the awards, I am mostly pleased by who won, but overall found them to be a bit dull. The top 3 highlights for me were

Viola Davis win


Jon Hamm's butt

, and

Tracy Morgan's return

 (I had tears).

Anyway, here are the shows I had looked forward to during the first week of premieres, starting with the brand new shows first:

My Week With TV Fall TV Week 1 Premieres Scream Queens

Scream Queens

-  This show from the creators of American Horror Story and Glee centers around a sorority house which seems to be the primary target of a serial killer, dressed in a devil suit nonetheless. I mostly saw this because I liked the cast and the shows the creators were previously attached to (though I tired of Glee). This was the first show I tackled for the week and it was pretty funny, plus has a lot of twists which I always enjoy in a show. I'll see how long I stick to this show though because the one thing I didn't fully enjoy was how campy it was. (On Fox Tues. at 9pm).

My Week With TV Fall TV Week 1 Premieres Limitless


- Ok so this fall I noticed a couple of networks have decided to turn feature films into shows and Limitless was the first of this batch to premiere. I saw this last night as I caught up with this week's premieres. Mind you, I never saw the film it is based off of, but knowing the concept, I was intrigued. If you aren't familiar with the film, that's ok though. Both the show and the film center around a pill that basically puts your mind into hyperdrive and gives enhanced mental acuity( i.e. your IQ x4). The show isn't a remake of the film, but more so a continuation of it. The show stars Jake McDorman, but does feature the film's star Bradley Cooper. I loved how much action is in this show, but that its also mixed in with a little science. Will definitely keep watching this. (On CBS Tues. at 10pm).

My Week With TV Fall TV Week 1 Premieres Blood & Oil

Blood & Oil

- This show centers around a young couple who have just moved to a North Dakota town that seems to be the new big oil boom, however they soon realize they may in way over their heads, especially when it comes to the big oil tycoon who seems to be running it all. I have to be honest, my main reason for watching this one was

Nathaniel Archibald

I mean Chace Crawford (sorry still having Gossip Girl withdrawals), but I actually really enjoyed it. It is very high drama so I am not surprised ABC put it in their Sunday night line up. I almost feel like its a combination of Revenge and There Will Be Blood. I will say though that it can get a bit Soap Opera-y so be warned.(On ABC Sun. at 9pm).

There are still some brand new shows I need to see, but I was pretty busy this past week and also totally forgot some were premiering (oops). It probably doesn't help that premieres seem to be a bit all over the place this year. The ones I still am curious to catch up with are Quantico, Heroes Reborn (b/c you gotta save the cheerleader), Blindspot, The Player (b/c my friend works on it) and Minority Report.

Now for the shows that came back this season:

Mysteries of Laura

- I started watching this last season and found it to be a very cute procedural comedy. What can I say, I am a sucker for cop shows, plus love Debra Messing in this role. *Spoiler Alert* In the season premiere Jake(Laura's ex husband) has been temporarily replaced as chief while he is on medical leave. However, the temp chief is not any of the precinct's cup of tea and everyone is  trying to show the new chief how things get done there. Oh and the case for this show centers around the kidnapping of a child, but with twists, obviously.

Then there was #TGIT:

My Week With TV Fall TV Week 1 Premieres TGIT

Grey's Anatomy

- I was a bit hesitant to watch the season premiere because well *spoiler alert, not really* McDreamy is dead so I wasn't sure if it would still be the Grey's I've loved and cherished. However, I'm glad I did end up watching it. In the premiere, we see Meredith and Amelia try to cohabit in the aftermath of Derek's death. If you expect a really tearing soapy scene however, then sorry but that didn't happen, at least not pertaining to him. It actually felt very much like the old Grey's camaraderie (oh I miss the intern days). And the medical case centered around two teen girls who are struck by a train it was at first seems an accident, but is later revealed was an attempt to stay together (they were in love).


- Olivia Pope is back...and with Fitz! In case you forgot, last season ended with Fitz kicking Mellie out of the White House (she did a terrible thing, like for realsies this time) and so now it seems the door is wide open for Liv and Fitz to live out their fantasy, but again that would be too easy. While Fitz's camp is trying to keep up appearances that everything is fine, Olivia and Quinn (only Gladiator left right now) are trying too look into the death of a Princess (think Kate Middleton). But the biggest scandal comes at the end of the episode!

How to Get Away With Murder

- Out of all the Shonda Rhimes show premieres, I have to say this one was the one with the most bombshells! It seems that murders don't ever stop on this show, but then again you gotta keep with the title. In the season premiere, Annalise's students are trying to figure out where's Rebecca (they don't know she's dead) and we learn that Frank's not the only one with the willingness to kill. If you're not watching this show, then get on it!

Brooklyn 99

- I must admit, I miss working on the lot where some of this show is filmed. But anyway, the gang is back with their shenanigans, except they have a new captain (yay, Bill Hader) and Peralta and Santiago are finally giving it a go. Still so funny!

There were other shows that premiered and many more still to premiere. If I didn't mention a show, it may be because it simply isn't my cup of tea or I still need to binge watch the previous seasons (sorry Empire). As the weeks go by, I may just start doing full reviews each week, let me know if you'd like that in the comments. Also share what shows were your favorite so far.  As for this coming week, I am looking forward to Grandfathered, The Grinder, Code Black and Homeland (catching up this week). Let me know if there is anything else I should watch. (And sorry for the long read).