2016: The Year of the Hustle

How to define your 2016 with one word and why I'm saying no to resolutions!

Hello, friends. Before I dive into the post, I'd like to welcome you to my new website. Seriously, love having an actual domain and this SquareSpace platform makes me feel so legit. It's definitely a nice way to ring in the new year. Oh yea, HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

2016 is full of high hopes on my end, but while I have many goals I'd like to accomplish, I am saying no to resolutions this year (gasp!). Instead I am going to try to live my year and define it in ONE word: HUSTLE!

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So you might be wondering what made me decide on the word Hustle for 2016? Well, if I were to have created a regular resolutions list as I've done in the past, it may make more sense. That list would look a little something like this, so you can understand my choice of this word:

  • Grow the blog
  • Create opportunities for the blog to become a business
  • Work on past passion projects as well as future ones
  • Gain financial stability
  • Get my shit together

Can you see the similarities? Maybe not right away, and believe me at first I was struggling to find a good word to define my year. But once I really thought about it, what all these goals have in common is that I have to work hard at them–a blood, sweat and tears level commitment. 

While 2015 was great and I became more present, I know I got lazy in a lot of areas in my life, so that's also why Hustle is a good fit for 2016. I'm done with the slacking off and then beating myself up because "I could have done that" or wondering about numerous what ifs, while feeling "stuck" in my life. So of course this year, I got to change that! I want to go for what I want so I can have the lifestyle I want and can be present in a life that means something!



And the reason I am saying no to the typical resolutions is because often, we write this long list of them down only to forget about them or find a lack of motivation to accomplish them. On top of that, by choosing a word to define my year, I allow myself flexibility, cuz sometimes life happens and you have to adjust. For example, for my blog, maybe I start off thinking offering services is the way to go, but then find that my audience needs courses instead of services, I am still hustling, just the goal gets shifted in a new direction.

Also, the word can apply to different aspects of my life. Even though HUSTLE  is often associated with making money and can seem business-centric, it can actually apply to my personal life too. For example, I can hustle and work towards better time management or hustle it with my workouts or even hustle hard to make sure my friendships stay strong. 

So how will you define your year? What word will you use to make the most out of 2016, cuz between you and me, I whole-heartedly believe this is our year!! But if you can't think of a word right now, no worries, I have your back. I've create a free worksheet just for you, so it can help get those creative juices flowing!