My 3 Meditation Must-Haves


If you've read my story, you know that meditation has become quite a big part of my life this past year. While I don't do it daily (though I should, tsk, tsk), I do notice I have a better day when I do.I use to think I'd never be able to meditate because my mind often goes a million miles per minute, plus I always had the misconception that meditation was being completely silent and had to be done for a long time– wrong!

Seeing that I, over thinker numero 1, have learned to meditate and that it's actually easier than I use to think, I wanted to share my top 3 must-haves for my mediation time – AND they are actually quite affordable and simple!

1. The Headspace App -

Let's start with the easiest step to meditation, the Headspace App! Honestly this app for me was life-changing. It does have a premium option, but I just got the FREE version and it works just as great (IMHO). And it also only takes 10 minutes so you can do it in the morning before work, during your lunch hour (what I often did) or just before bed. It's really so fuss-free!

2. Crystals-

This past year I've also gotten a lot into crystals and their healing powers. I'm not the biggest expert on them, but I had been curious about them after seeing one of my favorite YouTubers as well as other people I follow on Social Media boast about them. I am lucky to have a few crystal stores near me such as Spellbound Sky (my fave) and House of Intuition but if you don't have a crystal shop in your area, there are so many to choose from online. Just scroll through Instagram under #crystals and you're sure to find a lot. 

Some of my favorite crystals to meditate with are rose quartz, amethyst, red jasper, smoky quartz and bloodstone, to name a few. I usually will just hold them in my hands while I mediate or set them in my lap. You can also place them on your body if you lay down and correspond them to the chakra you're trying to heal. When choosing your crystals however, the most important part is that you're drawn to them. I'm still a crystal newbie, but again there are so many sources out there if you'd like to learn more. A good one is Crystal Vaults.

3. Essential Oils -

Last but not least are essential oils. I truly love them. I will admit that I mostly use Young Living EOs since I signed up as a distributor to get a discount so if you click the link, just be aware that it does link to my YL page. However, I've also used Aura Cacia and NOW oils and have loved them just the same.

More times than not, I will diffuse the oils in my diffusor, which i keep on my bookshelf, since I believe scent is such a powerful tool for mediation. But from time and time I will apply them to my wrists or any other area that oils is meant to help like my temples for when I have migraines and use M-grain.

My all time favorite oil is Lavender! I use that shit on and for EVERYTHING from helping me chill after a long day to helping me sleep to just wanting to smell so good. I seriously will go crazy for anything lavender. 

Like I said, meditation can actually be quite easy peasy. The key is to start small and make it your own. If you only have a minute or can only stand still enough to do a minute, start there and work your way up. Are there any must-haves you have for your meditation practice?

Lavender + Amethyst, Astrid