Makeup Monday: Summer 2014 Nail Trends

For this week's Makeup Monday, I wanted to feature some of the Summer Nail Trends I've come across. I don't often paint my nails, usually because I get busy and it becomes the last thing on my list, but never because I don't actually want to paint them lol. I'm hoping that this summer I can have more days with nail polish on my nails then days sans polish. So here are some of the trends I found.

Navy for Summer, summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday

Navy for Summer




nail treatments

1. Dark Nails

Usually darker nail polish colors are reserved for the colder winter/fall months, but it seems this summer wants dark nails too. I personally love this trend as I usually go for the darker polish colors. Also, I love the way the dark colors look against light clothing, kind of edgy. Loving navies the most.

summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday, white nails




2. White Nails

On the other side of the spectrum, and repeating last week's



Wednesday post

, white nails are also very hot this summer. I think this is the black nail of summer, chic yet simple.

Neons by Opi, summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday

Neons by Opi



featuring an

opi nail polish

3. Neon Nails

It seems summer is having it's fun with color, as the two previous trends have dealt with the dark and white trend. Neon nails are also trending this summer and this is appropriate since summer is usually when people wear the brightest colors. I am excited to try this as my usual polish choices are bland, plus the neon hues seem to make you appear tanner, without actually roasting in the sun.

Flowers growing on Nail Beds, summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday

Flowers growing on Nail Beds



featuring a

matte nail polish

4. Floral Designs

I have to say, this is probably my favorite of the trends. It really speaks for summer, plus it looks so pretty. Not too long ago, I went to Sephora and saw some polishes that have flowers instead of glitter pieces in it and I'm now obsessed. But getting one hand painted on your nail is also nice :)

summer 2014 nail trends, makeup monday, gradient nails, ombré nails, ombre




5. Gradient/Ombré Nails

This is another trend I've been seeing a lot lately, and even though it's nothing new, I still want to try it. I've seen so many different variations on Instagram and they all look so pretty. My favorites have been those that have a purple/turquoise combo or classic black and white combo. 

While there are sure to be other summer nail trends out there and yet to surface, these are the ones I've come across and actually want to try out. Let me know if you will be trying these trends come summer or share any other trend I might have missed. Also, if you have any suggestions on what you want to see here on the blog, leave that in the comments below as well. I'm always open to ideas.



Mini Trip to Ojai

So I hope you guys are enjoying the new layout. I know I kept constantly changing it this weekend, but I will try to fight the urge to change it. I just can't seem to settle for the look I want, so I'll see what you guys end up liking best, after all this blog is all for you :)

Anyway, I finally had my sinus situation controlled today and was able to take a little trip to Ojai with one of my Meetup book groups. Even though it was still a bit rainy, it was still a nice day to drive out to Bart's Books, an outdoor independent bookstore.

Bart's books, Ojai
{Source: Me}
Inside (well within the bookstore) there were tons of books and they even had a classics room where my friend Vanessa managed to get an almost mint condition of H.G. Wells The Invisible Man for only $12.  It is a pretty cool store just for the fact that it is all outdoors, but no worries the books are covered, so they weren't wet or anything. It is also nice that the store takes credit cards so you don't have to worry if you didn't bring cash with you. Here are a few pictures of the "inside":

Bart's books, ojai, travel
{Source: Me}

Bart's books, ojai, travel
{Source: Me}

Bart's books, ojai, travel
{Source: Me}

Bart's books, ojai, travel
Isn't it cute? I don't know about you, but I like being able to drive an hour or so away from L.A. and take mini trips to quirky places like this one. I am still in awe that this bookstore exists and so grateful Vanessa suggested a visit to it. And if you are asking if I resisted buying more books, you are wrong LOL. I mean who can resist buying books from such a unique place AND at a discount. So this is what I got for $26 (sorry for the bad pic):

{Source: Me}
I had wanted to read The Help, The Weird Sisters and Girls in White Dresses for a while and Vanessa suggested Defending Jacob since we were discussing mystery novels at the bookstore. I still can't believe what I paid for all for since each is about $15 at retail price. Anyway that wasn't the only thing we did in Ojai. After everyone had gotten their books( it was 8 of us), we decided to go look for the strawberry shortcake place my sister had told me to check out, she swore it was the best she's ever had, and it seems she was right, 'cause it was delicious (Yes I detoured from the 21 day fix a bit).

My sister didn't remember the name of the restaurant however, so we had to search for it on Yelp, which wasn't hard to do as it seemed to be pretty popular. So off we went to Boccali's, which was equally as cute, and had some great views of the mountains that surround Ojai. The only downside to this cute little joint is that they only take cash or check, so do come prepared if you make the trip. 

This picture does not do the mountains justice.

The girls admiring the mountain view while waiting for our table. 

Their Specials menu outside their door.

Yummy Minestrone soup.

And the reason we ended up at Boccali's...The Strawberry Shortcake
Overall, it was a pretty fun min trip out of the city. It is completely doable in a day and we all had a great time discussing books, the latest fashion in glasses, and catching up on what else is going on in each other's life. Also, even with the rain, Ojai is beautiful no matter what. I will definitely be going back, especial when it gets a bit warmer since Ojai also has some amazing hiking trails. So if you live  in Southern California, say L.A. or are visiting, I would 100% recommend you make a trip to Ojai for some deeply discounted books and the best Strawberry Shortcake in the area. 


2014 Resolutions

2014 resolutions, picmonkey

So I've been meaning to write this post for a while now. I had actually tried to write one after arriving in Los Angeles (boy does it feel nice to be home), while waiting for Michael (my special guy) to pick me up. I got interrupted halfway through the post with a call from him saying he was close by so I had to pack up and go. After that, life got crazy. Since my mom had done some home improvement projects to my room, most of my things were out of order and it is still taking me some time to get all settled and organized. Also school started two weeks ago and the semester is already looking like it will be filled with constant all-nighters. But aside from being busy (and trying to readjust to normal life and sleep), it also took me a while to really think about my resolutions. This year, I have a mixture of serious to fun ones as well as broad to specific. So here they are:

1. Get more sleep! 
This is something I am forever working on. A better way to put this is to have a better sleep schedule. I tend to let insomnia and excuses get in the way of me going to bed at a decent time and getting enough sleep. This would probably be the key to solving a good part of me getting my life together.

2. Become financially stable.
I say this every year and it is something I do keep a watchful eye on. I don't completely mismanage my money, but I know I can do better. I really want to get serious about budgeting and paying off debt this year. I am graduating and am lucky enough to not have needed loans throughout college, so it makes sense that I have little excuse to not pay off what I owe. Thankfully it isn't much, but it still would be nice to be rid of. This resolution is not just about debt though, it is about starting off my adulthood as responsibly as possible. Good thing I enjoy Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey lol.

3. Wear more white.
So I know this is kind of a weird resolution, but I often seem to avoid wearing white. Part of it is because I am always afraid of getting it dirty lol. But since the holidays I have really been having this weird obsession with white dresses and crisp white shirts. I feel like I am young and should have a little fun with wearing white. I do a lot of black and gray so why not through in this neutral right? Plus it seems to fashionable.

4. Be more adventurous.
I want to really put myself out there this year and try things that I have wanted to do for a while or that are out of my comfort. Like I said, I am still young, and I feel like I should take advantage of this. I am not really the party girl type (though I don't mind a party or two), but I feel like I need to live a little and let loose while I can. A few of the things on my list would be learning to surf and zip lining. But this also extends to trying other new things on a smaller scale like trying a new cooking class or taking guitar lessons. 

5. Be more organized.
This is one I have already sorta started on. The most important part of this resolution is I have to allow myself to let go of clutter, which I've slowly begun to do. I don't necessarily mean clutter as in true junk, but I tend to hold on to items that I don't really need or that don't belong in this chapter of my life. Some of these items are books, magazines and clothes. Since being in NYC however, I have had an urge to purge(it rhymes ha!) and downsize to make room for the me I am currently. Also I just am tired of constantly being messy. I wasn't that way as a child, but I've let laziness and frustration turn me into a messy slob. 

6. Work on my inner self and building friendships.
This is a bit of a two parter, but I feel they go hand in hand. I need to work on making myself happy and work on any inner issues I have that may be preventing me from being happy. I also need to start doing more things for me. This includes continuing with my healthy lifestyle and attending therapy to help me work out things that affect my happiness. I also want to work on building my friendships, both new and old. Sometimes it's difficult for me to make friends as I can be shy and feel overwhelmed. But I really do want to get closer to my friends and make new friendships. I want to be able to have healthy people in my life and also it would be nice to have those friends you can count on and plan friend dates with. Plus I really need a girlfriend (or a few) to go to the gym with and go shopping with.

7. Work on my hair/appearance.
It's not that I just let myself go looking like I just rolled out of bed, believe me I'm not that bad. But i do tend to forgo things sometimes either because I didn't make time or get lazy. However, I really want to start putting a little more effort, especially with doing my hair. Usually I just brush and go, but lately I've been wanting to work with it more, you know curl it or straighten it every once in a while. Also I hate looking frumpy and I think this needs to stop.

8. Be more fashion forward.
This kinda has to do with wearing more white, but it's more than that. I use to be one of the girls in high school that was admired for her fashion sense and style and well I want to get back to that version of me. Well not high school me but that part of me that was more fashion savvy. I mean I still am fashion savvy just forget to apply it to the physical self lol (if that makes sense). I want to again pay some more attention to my appearance (refer to my hate of frumpiness). Also, I want to feel that confidence of rocking a stunning outfit.

9. Better time management.
This goes hand in hand with getting more sleep. In fact, I need more sleep in order to be able to have better time management. I tend to also get frustrated with my day because I'll wake up to late to get any truly productive done in my day. I want to be able to get what I need to get done in a day, done. This will allow me to manage my heavy schedule this semester and also allow me to fit in things I want to do. I also need to be more efficient with my time and try not to get so distracted. This is also essential for the future of this blog.

10. Travel more.
Does this really need further explanation? I have places to go and see and also people to visit in some of these places. 

Anyway, those are my resolutions. I know this was a lengthy post, but they did need an explanation of sorts so they didn't sound too weird lol. Anyway, I'm off to bed as I am meeting a friend in the morning.

Love and goals,