I Became a BeachBody Coach!!

So if you follow me on Instagram or even on Tumblr or Twitter you might have figured out that I like to stay pretty healthy and fit. You may also have figured out that I've been doing the 21 day fix challenge that is sold through BeachBody. If you don't know what BeachBody is, it is the company that sells P90x, Insanity, and the Brazilian Butt Lift among other popular fitness programs. Today (Sunday) counts as my last day on the fix. Now while the fix may be over, I will most likely keep following it, just not so strictly since I'm at my goal weight. I love that the focus has been on portion control and hasn't been overly restrictive. Also love that due to it, my abs are coming in :)

Anyway, during the fix I not only got re-motivated to focus on my nutrition and fitness after my return from New York, but also seriously started thinking about becoming a BeachBody coach. I had been approached about a year ago while doing Tone It Up's Love Your Body Challenge by another fellow TIU member about becoming a coach, but at the time I wasn't ready and was also kind of skeptical about the whole thing since not too long before that, someone tried to get me to sign up for what I later learned was a Ponzi Scheme. Anyway, even though I decided not to sign up to be a coach, I still continued to be friends with her and also made friends with other BeachBody coaches. This allowed me to be part of challenge groups that kept me accountable as well as motivated.

Then finally, over the course of the fix I started really thinking of becoming a coach myself. I had gotten to a point in my life where I felt good about myself, I was regaining my confidence with my fitness goals and I saw that I was also motivating others around me. Well I took the plunge this weekend after much thought and also because I had been offered a discount on Shakeology which could only be obtained if I signed up as a coach. So that was it! And now I am so excited that I am a part of Team Beachbody. My goal with this is to continue my fitness journey and also to help motivate others on their own fitness journeys.

Now if you have any questions, I am happy to answer. If you want to start on your fitness journey or simply want to get motivated to continue on yours, then feel free to reach out to me and I'm willing to help anyway I can. Also feel free to ask questions about the fix or any other program from BeachBody! Like I said my main motivation to be a part of this amazing team is because so far my experience as just a customer has been wonderful and motivating and I want to spread the love and motivate others myself. I will still continue with Tone It Up and my other fitness communities, but I am so glad to be a much bigger part of something that's related to fitness. 

So if you do have questions or even would like me to be your coach,  click here to find out more and connect with me. I would be more than happy to help you reach your goals.