Finally Committing: 21 Days of Blogging

So I know I am probably the world's worst blogger. Lately however, I have really thought about finally giving my blog some love. It's not that I don't have things to write about it or that I find it a chore. In fact there are times I get so sad that another day has passed by that I haven't written something. Lately it is something that I really feel is missing from my day and so many ideas pop into my head, but somehow other things require my attention and then by the time I am able to sit down to type in my ideas, I am ready to hit the hay. Well a few days ago, I was going through some old Elle magazines (I hoard magazines btw) trying to clean out my collection again and came across an article focusing on 21 days of trying different makeup looks and hairstyles. That article got me thinking that maybe I should start a 21 day project of my own. Why 21? Well I'm sure you have heard the saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit and to an extent it is something that I follow. I do feel 21 days works to get you into the habit of doing something. When I started working out this year I made a habit of working out everyday and after the first 21 days, I do feel I had gotten into the habit and I also felt I didn't have to push myself as much because it now felt so natural to me to do it practically everyday (I did take rest days after the 21 days). Now I mentioned some of my reasons as to why I've been such a lousy blogger, but the other part is I never made it a point to form a habit of it, not a set plan anyway, just always the thought of "Oh well maybe I could write a post once a week or make a series of posts like Fashion Fridays or Tasty Tuesdays" but then I'd get so overwhelmed trying to get me on a "schedule" when it was something still so new to me. Once I saw the article and yesterday thinking of the new month to start, I decided ok Astrid, hop to it, form the habit.

Well enough of that strict talk lol, on to actually talking about August :) August is really an exciting month for me. For starters, I will be moving to another coast halfway through the month. That's right, I will finally be living my dream of living in NYC :)  It is something I've always wanted to do so I'm so excited that I will be there for a whole semester, but at the same time, in typical Astrid fashion, I am freaking the eff out LOL I feel there is still so much to get done, but I know I'm also probably just overthinking and need to chill out. One of the things on my list is to get all my vlogs on my YouTube channel up to date. I am so far behind on them and have been bummed that some videos seemed to have disappeared, but I'll figure it out. Also I just signed up for a motivational mail thing put together by some of the girls from the community, which if I haven't mentioned it before, is what started my whole fitness/clean eats journey. I love receiving fun mail as opposed to bills. Another thing coming up is I'm getting a new computer because the one I have is literally falling apart. Let's see what else, oh well I'm in my second month of P90X and I just got new glasses so yea. I don't know it just feels August is going to be a great month. Anyways, off to bed. Lot's of good posts coming up these next 21 days (well 20 I guess since this is post #1).

Stay Tuned,