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A few weeks ago, Allyssa from Life With Lyss, reached out to me and other fellow Her Campus Blogger Network bloggers to help her in promoting one of her favorite online store's Shop Hope's.

She shared her amazing experience with the company such as how they have great customer service, always have free shipping, have arrivals twice daily Monday-Friday, and are great on social media.

To be honest, I have been following the company on Instagram for some time now, and they really are great. Every thing she told us about their products is true and they really have some cute stuff. 

I'm glad that she told me about the free shipping though and it's always good to know about the customer service of a company. That always sells me. And with graduation and summer coming, I know I am going to be looking for dresses soon, so this couldn't have come at a better time. Here are some of my top picks and other items I liked as well:

*All the pics are from Shop Hope's*

Isn't there stuff just the cutest? 

Lucky for you, Allyssa has provided a discount code so that you can get 10% of your purchase:


Again, along with the discount you will get free shipping with your order. 

Also don't forget to check out the other bloggers who are also showcasing some of their favorite pics:


Friday Favorites: Snack, Gone Girl, Baby Pins & Shopping

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So this week has been a bit stressful both for things in and out of my control. Thankfully however, I still had bright spots this week. Here are my Friday Favorites, enjoy :)

1. Dark Chocolate Goji
I got this deliciousness from my motivation partner from the Tone It Up community. Angela must have some sort of sixth sense cuz I've been wanting to try these for a while, but once I'm at Whole Foods, I usually forget to get them or only go to get the essentials. They are so addicting though, even Dirtsa couldn't stop eating them. They were also perfect because it gave me just the right amount of chocolate that I was craving! They are seriously sooooo good.

2. Gone Girl Trailer
I think I might have blogged about this, but in case I didn't, know that I'm a huge Gone Girl fan. So it's no surprise that I was jumping for joy when I saw that they finally released a trailer for the movie this week. I read the book while I was in New York after hearing it was being made into a movie and also due to the fact that friends kept recommending it to me since I like books that are dark and twisty. Now I really wish October would be here already so I can go watch it.Will you be watching it?

{Source: Pinterest}
3. Baby Shower Pinning
So I have a lot of beloved people in my life having babies right now. I think I may have said this before, but it feels like everyone around me is pregnant right now! Anyway, my aunt asked us(Dirtsa and me) for some ideas to help plan my cousin's baby shower. Of course I turned to Pinterest and made a board specifically for the big event. I'm so excited since this is her first child. Also have you seen all the cute ideas they have for baby showers nowadays? I can't even.

friday favorites, life, lifestyle, snack, gone girl, baby pins, shopping, film, movies, her campus, pinterest, baby shower
{Source: Her Campus
Yes, another Her Campus article and it couldn't be more perfect this time. I just went to Forever 21 on Sunday and I had almost all of these thoughts. It really is overwhelmingly huge and I'm often confused as to what's a dress or a shirt LOL. But honestly it's the college girl's store since it's mostly all affordable and they have the cutest things. Too bad I'm still too broke for it right now. Oh well, soon enough when my other priorities are taken care of I can go HAM and think all of these things.

If you want to join the Her Campus Blogger Network, you can do so by clicking here.

Well there you go. Another Friday Favorites in the books. Let me know yours in the comments below. And check out those baby shower ideas. Also send me any you come across.


Friday Favorites: Yummy Obsession + Other Things

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Here's to another Friday Favorites! 
This week I'd like to feature a new yummy favorite of mine as well as other things that made me happy this week and made me feel understood LOL. It's been a quiet Spring Break week, but I'm glad I got to slow down a bit since school is kinda crazy. 

1. Frozen Mangos!
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post about this. I had gotten frozen mangos about a week ago at TJ specifically for smoothies, but one morning this week I realized I didn't have fruit to have with my Greek Yogurt until I remembered I'd boughten the bag of frozen mangos so I went for it. I've also been watching Meghan Rosette's videos on YouTube and got the idea from her to try out frozen mangos! I'm so glad I listened to her and tried them out. I'm now obsessed!

astrid stars, friday favorites, meghan rosette, starbucks,
{Source: Tumblr}
2. This Image ^
When I saw this on Tumblr, I couldn't help but laugh because it's so true. I've always felt Spring Semesters are tougher than Fall. This is especially true since I will be graduating soon and there's still so many things to take care of. It may also be that by Spring, I feel burned out and Spring Break comes as a huge relief. But thankfully summer is just around the corner, and it will be my last Spring Semester for some time. It will soon be off to the "Real World". Yikes LOL.

astrid stars, friday favorites, meghan rosette, starbucks,
{Source: Her Campus}
3. This article from Her Campus
Talking about graduation, in one of the emails from Her Campus this week they had this article(?) on the 17 Things College Seniors are Tired on Hearing. And it was all so true LOL. Look we have enough pressure and stuff going on as it is, we don't need to hear these things. But obviously it's much funnier with the memes the article had :) By the way, if you want to join Her Campus' Blogger Network, you can do so by clicking here.

astrid stars, friday favorites, meghan rosette, starbucks,
{Source: Business Insider}
4. Map of Popular Starbucks Drinks
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know I'm obsessed with Starbucks, like majorly. So when I saw this article from Business Insider, I had to see for myself what drinks are ranked as most popular by State. I'm not surprised that Frappuccino's are the most popular drink in Los Angeles. It is pretty hot here year round so that may explain it. Personally I get other iced drinks, but Mocha Fraps use to be my go-to drink when I first started drinking Starbucks. 

astrid stars, friday favorites, meghan rosette, starbucks,
{Source: The Beauty Of Words Blog}
5. This Quote^
Last but not least, there's this quote. It's just so beautiful and motivational, I can't get over it. And it's so true too. You dream in your sleep or while laying in bed to escape your life, to forget a bad day or the bad parts of your day, but dreaming in the day is different. You get ideas and you get excited and day dream about these ideas because it's taking you to a happy place, a place of possibility. Also in the day if you dream about something, you are most likely to write it down or talk about making it real, but often you forget about the things you dream of at night. 

So there you go, another week of Favorite in the books. What were your Friday Favorites this week? And what are your thoughts on mine? Let me know in the comments below :)


Friday Favorites: Things That Made Me Happy

Picture I took in Brooklyn while I was there :)
For this week's Friday Favorites I wanted to feature things that made me happy this week. I wanted to keep it positive since I had a long and tiring week, but I've been doing May Cause Miracles (click here to find out more) which has helped keep the negativity to a minimum. The blog title is also inspired by a segment on NPR's podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour (I highly recommended listening to it). So here is the positive things I focused on, loved, and was grateful for.

1. My pup of course!! Charlie's only been home a week and we already have a strong bond. He is pretty good for the most part. He still has accidents inside, but he is still training and a puppy so that's to be expected. He doesn't chew much on things he isn't suppose to and I correct him as soon as I catch him. He is so loyal already though, he follows me everywhere, it's the cutest thing, I'm gonna die. Also he barks at the dogs on TV LOL. But yea, we are definitely buddies for life :)

2. I am so happy to be a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network. The girls I've been meeting on Facebook have been so nice and supportive and this in turn helps me get my blog out to more readers. They also have great advice and I love the positivity I've seen posted on the Facebook group. If you are a blogger and want to join this community of wonderful girls, click here. They really are the best! Plus I got to show the love too(check my Wednesday post)!

{Source: Pinterest}
3. A few weeks ago I posted about becoming a Beach Body coach (read about it here). My main reason was that I really love the programs and I love that as a coach you get to help others, mainly your friends and family, on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Well this week I reached out to a few friends that answered I made in relation to the 21 day fix. Prior to this, they had also been reaching out to me and telling me that my instagram fitness pics kept them motivated and inspired. Anyway, I am excited to now have a challenge group going with the friends who were interested! I am so happy to be helping them out and providing a space where we can motivate and support each other. If anyone is interested in joining, please comment below or contact me through social media :)

4. The final thing that made me happy this week is how my school week went. Even though it was a stressful week due to constant editing/working on finishing photo edits, there were highlights to the week. For one, I got some great advice from my professor on how to be a good journalist/reporter when you are an introvert. He told me to create a "persona" that I can be when I'm out on the job, that way I can filter rejections I may otherwise take personally during interviews. 

Also, this week was my first week without my Tuesday/Thursday morning class lectures so I got to sleep in and my group had a great first day of shooting our projects. And I ordered my custom sash for graduation today, so overall a good week, even with all the running around :)

It was nice to have all these positive thoughts to keep me going this week. I also like that they involved friends and people that helped make this week a positive one as opposed to just things I liked. So what made you happy this week? Can't wait to see your answers in the comments :)