Trendy Tuesday: Lady In Lace

Lady In Lace

Lady In Lace by astridstars featuring a lace dress

Today's Trendy Tuesday is all about the lace. I personally am a sucker for this trend. I think it's feminine while not being overly girly and in your face like ruffles can be. Lately I have been seeing it everywhere, although I don't think it's ever gone away. It's classic, yet trendy, in my opinion.

I love that there is variety in lace with so many patterns existing and it can also be very versatile. I really like lace dresses but I've also seen lace on skirts, shirts and even shorts. Lace can sometimes be interpreted as being very bridal when it comes in white(I say wear it anyway), but lace also comes in different colors from bright colors like yellow and hot pink to dark colors like oxblood and black. The colors really allow for it's versatility as you can dress it up or down for a cocktail event or a day date.

Here is some more Lace Inspiration:
{Source: A Little Dash Of Darling}

{Source: Women's Fashion}

{Source: Pinterest}
What do you think of the trend? Will you be saying yay or nay to it?
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