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I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th Holiday Weekend :) I know I certainly had fun, even if I was technically working this weekend(nanny duty). I meant to schedule some posts, but as per usual, I got tied up with last minute shenanigans(such as getting a new job!!!). I did however manage to upload my unboxing of my


 #SurfUpVoxBox on my

beauty channel

. So now here is the post to go along with it, that I meant to write before I left. 

1. Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits (



This VoxBox came with two coupons for the Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits. One of the coupons gets me a kit for free, while the other one gets me a dollar off. I have yet to use them, but that's because I forget to put them in my wallet LOL. I'm actually excited to try these since I use to love Jamba Juice when I was younger and haven't had one of their smoothies in a while. The kits allow you to enjoy your favorite JJ smoothie anywhere, anytime, you just have to add juice and blend. They are suppose to be loaded with a full serving of fruit and yogurt as well as antioxidants. To be honest, while I'm excited to try these, I'm not sold on how full of nutrients they claim to be. Either way though, I'm excited to try their yumminess.

2. Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration After Sun: (2oz/


, 8oz/



I took this with me on my trip over the weekend since I was gonna be exposed to the sun a lot( the downside to camping, sorta). However, I didn't get to use it since my sunscreen did a good job of keeping my skin from burning in the sun. Even though I am not sunburned, nor plan to be anytime soon, I still want to use it soon. The fact that it is the first and only after sun product that combines gel and lotion intrigues me. Not only does this sound super moisturizing, but also refreshing. It sounds like an especially nice way to cool off after a day at the beach. Also the smell is sooooo good!! Can't get enough of the coconut papaya scent! 

3. First-Aid Shot Therapy (



This is a liquid pain relief shot. It can be used to relieve headaches/migraines(ugh, hate these), bak pain, sore muscles, back pain and hangover headaches. I have never seen something like this before, at least not for adults. I am looking forward to trying this out, possibly after a really tough workout. The dose is the whole little shot they sent me, which is a bit scary since it seems like a lot, but hey whatever helps to take the pain away. 

4. SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish (



Yayyy!! I got another nail polish. The color is similar to the last one, but brighter and slightly more pink. It's called Eva So Bright. The best part of it though is that it is formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free. AND... it is never animal tested, which is always awesome. I don't specifically seek out products that are void of these chemicals(though I should), but it is always nice when they are free of them. It definitely helps me feel safer and allows me to recommend it to loved ones with kids. Who wants their little ones exposed to chemicals?

5. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Shampoo & Conditioner (


/travel size,


full size)

So this time around, Influenster either sent out COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara or these. While I would have been stoked to get the mascara, I'm glad I got the shampoo & conditioner instead. For one, they were convenient for my trip. Also, I've wanted to try them for a while, but hadn't allowed myself to "splurge" on them. I'm still testing them out since my hair started has been misbehaving. However, I am obsessed with how yummy this smells as well!! The scent is just perfect to get you in the summer mood!!

And as mentioned, here is my unboxing video, enjoy:



I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Influenster #VivaVoxBox

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First off, I'd like to apologize for going almost a whole week without blogging, it really wasn't my intention. As some of you may know, I'm graduating soon so I was tied up finishing up final projects. I wish I was doing far more exciting things, but it was all school's fault LOL. But to make it up, I decided to share my very first


VoxBox that I received a few weeks ago.

You even get a video ;)

Please keep in mind that I 


eceived these products complimentary for testing purposes from 


  If you don't know what 


 is a website where you can take a series of surveys based on your interests, with the possibility of being asked to participate in programs to test new products. 

The box I received was for the #VivaVoxBox program and it really had some awesome goodies. So I hope you can forgive me. So here is what I got:

The Loot all together :)

 Now let's break it down:

1. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant (


 for 6.5 oz can):

This is a spray on lotion that actually goes on pretty light, which I like, and absorbs quickly. I'm not a big lotion kind of girl for the simple fact that I hate how heavy and greasy most lotions feel. So this is perfect for me. I also like that it's not sticky, which I've experienced from other spray on lotions. Another thing I love, the smell. I know some people don't care for it, but it's always a plus when your lotion smells good, and I'm not referring to a perfume like smell, but a light pleasant smell. It's also great for putting in your gym bag since you can close the spray and not have it leak all over.

2. Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card:

The next thing in this #VivaVoxBox is this rewards card, which seeing how high gas prices are today, is a blessing. With this rewards card you save 3 cents on every gallon of gas. It may not seem like a lot but as a really broke college student, every penny does count. And you can also earn rewards to save money on shopping and dining. I have yet to use it since Shell is not in my usual route home, but can't wait to put to good use. Oh and it's free, so holla!

3. Pure ICE nail polishesin It's Complicated(Sparkly one) and After Hours(Pink/Coral) 


$1.69 each

 exclusively at Walmart):

I was really excited when I saw that I got these two nail polishes. I had seen them at Walmart before, but have never tried the brand. That being said, I really like the colors they sent me. After Hours for one is perfect for summer since it's so bright and seems like it would go well with a tan(I don't tan on purpose, but I'm Mexican so I tan easily, LOL) and I've been obsessesed with sparkly nail polishes lately so It's Complicated was a great choice for me. Also love that It's Complicated has a gray base.

And it's always a plus when you can get nail polishes free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP :)

Can't wait to try them out!

 4. NEW Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths (


Avg. Retail):

These couldn't have come at a better time since I just ran out of the makeup wipes Rachel sent me. Also I have had a good experience with Cetaphil in the past and love that I can now use their Gentle Skin formula on the go. I actually opened them this morning and they are honestly the softest facial wipes I've used and I've used quite a variety of them. And it was fantastic at taking of my leftover eye makeup! I'm also will be going to the gym more often now that school is close to be over so you bet I will be throwing these into my gym bag, so I don't break out.

5. NYC New York Color City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color in South Ferry Berry (



A girl can never have too many lip products(or eyeshadow), so I'm happy I received this. I'm also in love with the color which is a pretty, bright red with a slight pink tone and is highly pigmented. It goes on really smooth and love that it comes in this chubby stick form. It's perfect for everyday and claims it last six hours, but I'll have to wait and see if that's true since it's my first time wearing it and I'm only 4 hours in. I've been a fan of NYC as a drugstore brand and they have yet to fail me.

6. Montagne Jeunesse: Manuka Honey Peel Off (



I'm really excited to try this mask after this week winds down. It seems like the perfect way to end the semester. I love that it is honey based, which is a natural anti-bacterial cleanser, and that they added jasmine to it. What I love even more though is that it is paraben free and not animal tested. 

You can purchase them at Ulta and Walmart and they are pretty inexpensive :)

Here's the video on my beauty channel if you want to see the actual unboxing:

I hope you enjoyed this little share and please let me know if you've tried any of these products :)