Friday Favorites: Four Things That Got Me Through the Week

So this week has had it's up and downs. School was slightly less stressful, but there was still a lot going on. I also though I was gonna get a puppy this week, but sadly the one I was gonna get got adopted by someone else(doesn't mean I'm gonna stop my search). There were also some other personal things that  went on and I felt like I had zero energy somedays. Thankfully there were four things that got me through the week. 

Here are my Friday Favorites(and what got me through the week):

1. So I actually came across this video last week, but I have been watching it daily this week. It was featured on BuzzFeed, but I came across it on my cousin's FaceBook. This kid seriously cracks me up and has started private jokes around my house LOL.

{Source: Her Campus}
2.  So I'm so thankful to recently have become part of the Her Campus community. They recently had this article on their site that spoke to me. As I'm in my last semester(not including summer internships) of undergrad, this totally spoke to me. Just about all apply to me, especially not really caring(bad I know LOL) and pretending to be excited about graduation (cuz I am but it's also scary as f***). Also this list just made me slighty less terrible about my current study habits LOL.

{Source: My Mornin' Coffee (found it here) & Gabrielle Bernstein's Site}
3. So I just started reading this and doing the 40+ day journey of turning my fear into love(although I have to start over cuz I kinda forgot a few days, oops). It seems to be just what I need to start bringing more happiness into my life and also help my anxiety that seems to have gotten kinda bad lately. I also love the idea of facing your fears and stopping them from controlling your life. 

{Source: Me}
4. This week I visited a bar called Hemingsway's Lounge with the meet up group I went to Ojai with. It was what I had been looking forward to all week and it did not disappoint. I don't go out too often (I'm a bit of a homebody oh and I'm also broke), so it was nice to go out and dress up a bit. Since the place didn't open until 9 pm, we decided to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant around the corner named The Velvet Margarita. The four of us who went each had some sort of taco platter as we discussed books and what we were reading currently. Then we headed to the lounge. Only 3 of us got a drink. I got Garden of Eden which was champagne-y and they got Old Man and the Sea, a mojito like drink. We admired the decor inside the place as we discussed classic novels and of course Hemingsway. Inside, the walls are lined up with the classics and it has a very 1920's vibe. All the drinks are named after one of his short stories and novels. If you are ever in Hollywood, definitely check this place out. 

So those were my favorites this week, what were yours?