Meet Charlie!

Say "Hello" to Charlie
Meet Charlie! He is my new 3 month old(the shelter estimates) fox wire terrier and he is the best puppy ever!! In my last post I told you guys that I had been going to the animal shelter a lot last week in hopes of adopting a dog. This was not a decision I made on a whim, but one I thought about long and hard for a little over a year. 

I first went to the shelter on Sunday, but most of the dogs weren't available for adoption quite yet. However, there were two particular ones I made a connection with almost immediately, a puggle, that got adopted before I arrived on Wednesday morning, and this little guy that I had the privilege of adopting on Saturday :)
He fell asleep as I put away laundry
Here he is with my sister. He thinks we make good cuddle buddies.
I've had dogs before who have just been a little bit more high maintenance or just super hyper. This guy on the other hand is so shy and is content just lying on his blanket, his bed, or in my bed. He also is not much of a barker and usually only barks when he hears other dogs barking. He also is still timid/scared during his walks and only today did he manage to walk around the corner.

I'm trying to housebreak him although he has had a few accidents, but that's to be expected. I'm also trying to crate train him so that I can prevent accidents when I'm not home and so he has a safe place to go to when he get's scared. While this is not all new to me, I haven't had a puppy in a while and he's my first puppy I've gotten as an adult and for which I'm the one fully responsible for. 

Thankfully today while shopping for him at Petco, we ran into my sister's old high school administrator, who has a part time job there, and she was super helpful. Since I'm trying to eventually get him on a more "organic" diet, cuz well I eat healthy so my child should too, she recommended us some good brands. She also recommended treats, toys, and other training essentials. 

How can you not melt at the cuteness??
Watch out, he's a badass!
"I wuv my bone"
Needless to say, I'm having so much fun spoiling him, and apparently so is my sister LOL. But hey he is my only child now so he deserves it, as long as he doesn't get in too much trouble. So far he is loving his toy and my sister got him that doggy shirt my sister, which she was more than happy to do. I also got him this NylaBone we were recommended to deflect chewing and help with teething. 

More than anything though, I'm happy to have him in my life and that I was able to cut his time at the pound short. I know everyone may have their own opinion on this, but if you are looking for a new pet, you should really consider going the adoption route and rescue a pet from the shelter. They are so many dogs(and cats and other animals) that need a loving home and they would be so grateful to have a family to belong to. And more than anything, they will just bring more love into your home :)