Trendy Tuesday: Radiant Orchid Beauty

Radiant Orchid Beauty
Radiant Orchid Beauty by astridstars on Polyvore

So this year Pantone named Radiant Orchid as color of the year and I'm excited that they did. While I still haven't seen much of the color, I'm pretty sure that with spring around the corner, it will be popping up a lot more. I am really liking this sort of lilac pink and its many shades both in fashion and in beauty, but I do tend to like it more as a beauty trend.

Sephora has "partnered"( is that what it's called?) with Pantone once again and like years before is selling palettes, nail polishes and lipsticks under this collaboration to showcase the color. I personally love how versatile this color seems to be. It looks super pretty as a nail polish and on lips. I also like the blushes that are appearing in this color and the eyeshadow palettes(my weakness) as well. I love that the color also compliments just about every skin tone and really does make you look radiant. You can wear it all over or choose to highlight lips or eyes to make it the center of attention.Here are a few more pics(and links) to inspire you:



{Source: Julep}

Beautiful Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong'o {Source: Today's Fashion}
What do you think of the trend? Is this a color you will be pulling off come spring?
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Love + Radiance,