My Week With TV: Fall TV Week 2

I meant to put this up on Sunday, but to be completely honest, I spent most of the weekend sleeping or actually catching up with some Fall TV. I was also trying to get over whatever was causing me to have the cough of death. But at least being sorta sick (just a nasty cough, so annoying) allowed me to lay low, that and paying most of my bills for the month. So without further ado, here are the shows I feasted my eyes on this week.

Let's start off with the shows I mentioned at the end of the last My Week With TV post. These were all shows that premiered last week and remember, there are still shows yet to premiere for the season. But anyway, that's for the next post in the series(?). For new premieres, this is what I saw:

Grandfathered-This is the John Stamos and Josh Peck starred vehicle. Stamos plays a forever bachelor restauranteur, obsessed with not aging, who soon learns that not only is he a father to Peck's character, but also a grandfather. I was actually really excited to watch this mostly because both of these actors were huge in my childhood (hello Full House and Drake and Josh). And I was not disappointed. The show is funny and charming, with the dynamic of Stamos and Peck's character really playing off each other. I would definitely recommend tuning into this for a good laugh. (Tues at 8pm on FOX).

The Grinder- If you miss Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation, then this might be the show for you because Chad Lowe pretty much plays a Traeger on this show. Except that he is an actor who's show, where he played a lawyer, has just ended. However, his old role has led him to believe that he could be a real lawyer alongside his father and brother, played by Fred Savage (oh the Wonder Years).  While Lowe's character exudes confident, his much more serious brother may be a great lawyer but lacks in public speaking skills.  I feel this show has the potential to be really funny, but at the same time it seems a little over the top and like it's trying to hard. We shall see. (Tues at 8:30pm on FOX).

Code Black- Of course this would make my list because I have a huge thing for medical dramas/procedurals. The title of the show is a term used in this case to refer to any incident where the number of patients outnumbers the number of resources available. The show stars primarily Marcia Gay Harden as the director of the residency program, but early on you are told that while she is the best at her job, she is having trouble overcoming a personal tragedy. Alongside her we have Luis Guzman who plays the head ER nurse and he definitely brings the comic relief to the show. The rest of the cast centers on 5 new residents who are trying to learn the ropes of the fast paced ER. It reminds of a cross between Grey's Anatomy and ER, which makes it an automatic win in my book. (Weds at 10pm on CBS).

The other two shows I gave a try this week were shows that premiered the week before, but I had thought started this week LOL. But what they really have in common is that they both have a badass female lead. So here they are:

Quantico- Think of this show as Homeland (speaking of which I still to catch up on) mixed with any Shonda Rhime show. It stars the seriously gorgeous Priyanka Chopra (like can I have her skin) as one of 50 new FBI trainees at Quantico. The first task given to all the trainees is learn one another's darkest secret. This gives way to how the show is setup, flashing back between the past and the present, where we discover there might have been a terrorist among the trainees, and Alex is being framed for their actions. I really enjoyed the high stakes of the show, the detective work that goes with it and the sexy allure the show gives off overall. Hopefully, it just gets better (Suns at 10pm on ABC).

Blindspot- Some have said this show is a combo of the Bourne Identity and The Blacklist, but to be honest, the show reminds me of the star's, Jamie Alexander's, previous show, Kyle XY. So what is this show about? Well it's about a woman who is discovered in a duffel bag in Times Square, who has no memory of who she is or how she got there. The only clues as to her identity are the fresh tattoos that cover her body, one of which demands the attention of FBI Agent Kurt Weller. It is up to him and his team to decode the tattoos and figure out who she is, and why Weller seems to be involved in her case. Oh and we soon find out that Jane, as they refer to her (as in Doe), might have had some sort of combat training. Very juicy so far! (Mons at 10pm on NBC).

Have any of you checked out these shows? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments below, or better yet come join me on Periscope this Sunday, October 11th at noon PST to talk some fall TV (I'm under @astridstars). And if you weren't able to join us earlier this week, I did my first Periscope on October Goals.

Here is the replay. We have a few more premieres to come so stay tuned for more #MyWeekWithTV.


My Week With TV: The Emmy's

my week with TV,  the emmy's, homeland, house of cards, parks and rec, silicon valley, Wolf hall

Gah, so this 30 day blogging challenge has been well, challenging. I was so excited to get the ball rolling again, but had a combination of writer's block and having so much I want to write about. But finally, after having this nagging and persistent focus on TV and realizing how much of it, good and bad, I have missed, I decided to start a new series. So with that I present to you: My Week With TV. 

So first off, why did I choose to start blogging about TV all of a sudden. Well I guess it isn't really as spontaneous as it sounds. If you have been reading my blog for some time, or follow me on Twitter, you may know that I majored in Film and TV and currently work in reality/documentary TV. I also am just plain and simple a TV Junkie and lately I've been having a lot of creative talks with James and friends surrounding TV and Film. Therefore, since my blog is mostly based on what I'm living and loving, it would be odd not to include this passion/love of mine in it. 

To start off the series, I want to talk about the big upcoming super important and special event for Television:

The Emmy's

. Oh yeah, something else I'm super into and in love with are award shows, particularly The Oscar's, the Golden Globes, and you guessed it,

The Emmy's.

But I have to admit that while I love watching theses shows, in the past I've been really bad at knowing/watching the nominated shows. Like seriously I'm lost as to the existence of some of the shows. I mean they look great, but then I'm like wait...that has been on this whole time? Where was I when this was showing? 

Not this year though. Nope, this year I vow to at least try to watch the series nominated for Comedy, Drama and maybe even Limited Series. Or at least the ones that seem possible to get through before the


air on Fox, September 20th. I will say that I have a bit of a head start though since there have been a few of the nominees that I've kept on top of. 

So far the series I've gotten to are: Game of Thrones, American Crime, AHS: Freak Show, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and yup that's about it. But there are still 15 others I need to get to. But let's face it, I'm a busy gal, what with work, dating, trying to workout and sleep, 15 series will be hard to squeeze in. I already watch a lot of TV but I'm not glued to it...I do have other things that keep me occupied. That's why I'm just going to choose 5 of these to focus on and then I'll see about the next 5, cuz priorities! So here are the one's I'll be giving my time to:

my week with TV,  the emmy's, homeland, house of cards, parks and rec, silicon valley, Wolf hall



I was actually really into this, but once I moved to New York, it became hard for me to keep up with it. But thankfully, I just subscribed to Showtime via Hulu and since I'm only a season and a half behind. this will be easy to come up to date with. 

my week with TV,  the emmy's, homeland, house of cards, parks and rec, silicon valley, Wolf hall


House of Cards-

 I really loved the first season of this show, but part of the reason I stopped watching it is because this is the kind of show where I have to put away all distractions and give it my full attention. But I usually get home so tired and just want to watch something light, however, I am willing to put away a day or two to give it my full devotion.

my week with TV,  the emmy's, homeland, house of cards, parks and rec, silicon valley, Wolf hall


Silicon Valley-

 I remembered watching the pilot to this show and thinking it was so funny, but then we got rid of HBO. Thankfully I just got HBO Now and this show is only 2 seasons long as well as each episode only running a half hour. 

my week with TV,  the emmy's, homeland, house of cards, parks and rec, silicon valley, Wolf hall


Parks and Recreation-

I know, I know, how have I not watched this. Well for a while I simply didn't watch a lot of NBC comedies, mainly because Grey's Anatomy was on at the same time LOL. But I love Amy Poehler and the rest of the cast, so this is a must! Plus it ended this year :(

my week with TV,  the emmy's, homeland, house of cards, parks and rec, silicon valley, Wolf hall


Wolf Hall-

Mostly because I have a thing for series based on historical times...specifically those surrounding kings and queens. And this one is all about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Plus James and his family have gotten me into a lot of BBC (it airs on PBS, but is produced by BBC).

It was difficult narrowing down my list, but ultimately I am happy with what I have chosen. I am going to give myself an even stricter deadline of two weeks rather than Sept 20th, but only so I will actually make time to watch these. My Week With TV starts now...but feel free to share whats on your DVR/List/Que with me in the comments below.



Friday Favorites: Squees & More!


AHS Freakshow Twitter


So this Friday has been full of surprises. Or really one somewhat unpleasant surprise. I ended up in the ER cuz I injured my foot, but thankfully no fracture just a fat swollen bruised foot for the weekend. But let's just focus on the positive.


 First favorite of the week is the return of American Horror Story, with season 4 titled Freakshow. It was one of the shows that I've been excited the most about this season. There are many reasons I love it. First off, its an anthology which means I don't feel obligated to catch up on the previous season in order to get filled in on the current season (although of course I'll watch the previous season). Second, the cast is just amazing especially Jessica Lange. She just owns her characters like such a boss. And third, the production and special effects are really good.

Now I know some people who are afraid to watch this season cuz yes there is a scary clown and scary shit like that, but I actually love it for those reasons lol. I love all the plot twists that occurred in just the first episode from Bette and Dot, the siamese twins played by Sarah Paulson and their not so innocent secret to Lange's characters secret flaw to the really creepy rich boy played by Finn Whitrock. And the whole cast hasn't even been introduced yet. But I'll stop my squee for it now.


SOA Twitter



 So I have the privilege of being able to watch Netflix and TV shows at work. Yes you read that right! It's really not that big a deal. Basically I don't get in trouble for watching a TV show while I work on research. I can opt for music, but sometimes videos are just more fun. Plus, with the amount of TV I watch, this is super helpful. Well this week the show I've been catching up on is Sons of Anarchy. I am still only on season 4, but I should be caught up very soon so that I can then start watching its current season as the episodes air. My sister and me are obsessed with this show and honestly I think it is one of the shows with a some of the strongest storytelling. Plus how hot is Charlie Hunnam (if only he could of made 50 Shades work out).


 A few posts ago I mentioned that I had a friend who had written a book and another friend who was helping get it published. The post was about a KickStarted for her second book, but this week I received her first book,

The Adventures of Jake and Caleb: To The Moon and Back.

 I had preordered two copies a couple of weeks ago, but this week I finally received them. I can' explain how excited and proud I was to be holding them in my hands!! If you want your own copy, which you should (jk, but really it's great), then head


And those were my favorites for the week, or at least the ones that stood out the more. I was also busy with work, so that also factors in. But now I'm gonna shut up and listen to you and your favorites by reading your comments while I ice my foot. 



Must-See Monday: Cold Justice, "Stranded"

*Sponsored post, but opinions are completely my own*

Remember I had said I had exciting news to come sometime last week? Well this is one of the things I was talking about. Today's Must-See Monday is all about the return of season 2 of TNT's show Cold Justice. The show returned last Friday with the episode "Stranded" and I was very kindly (and surprisingly, LOL) asked to review this show. 

First things first, one thing you must know about me is that I love procedural dramas. From Law & Order(SVU especially, duh) to Criminal Minds to 48 hours, I live for these shows and drink them up. To be honest, until I was reached out to, I hadn't heard of this show and was sad it passed me by under the radar. I blame my lack of cable last fall and DVRing too many shows, but glad I know about it now. And believe me, it did not disappoint one bit. But of course it didn't, it is produced by Mr. Dick Wolf.

In order to introduce me to the show, I got sent the following two videos that introduce the two badass investigators on the show, former Texas Prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former Las Vegas crime scene investigator(true life CSI character right here), Yolanda McClary.

Now that you've gotten a little background, let's get down to the episode I was asked to review, and my first episode of this awesome show. The episode "Stranded" welcomed back the second season of the show(second half of the season) and dealed with a 26 year old cold case on the murder of Alma Henderson, a single mother of five in Bay City, Texas. 

She'd been out with friends at a club before offering to give a man she met there a ride back to his motel. The next morning she was reported missing by her then 16 year old daughter and soon after was found with a single shot wound to the back of her head, execution style. Not only that but she had also been sexually assaulted.The case develops from there and boy does it have some twists. First off, the perp left no "fluids" behind.

Now even though this is a small town, which I love that this shows centers around many of these, and DNA back then is nowhere near what it is now, this still was a strange fact. The local detectives actually seem quite current and thorough, so this was indeed very strange. Also the three suspects all seem like they are guilty of one thing or the other. And in this case, everything relies on finding out as much about each suspect as possible. So that's exactly what they do. But this proves tough because it has been 26 years after all. 

Suspect #1 is the man Alma gave a ride to that night, but he is soon ruled out. Yes, he is a bit of a jerk, even now, but he never changed his story so at least he is honest. Suspect #2 is a man who that very night got accused by another woman of trying to date rape her, but the confusing timeline makes it a bit of a challenge to put him at the motel. But we do get to find out quite some intimate information on this fellow. This part actually made me chuckle, even though it still felt like TMI. And Suspect #3 was the security guard working that night as he's the only one who knew Alma personally and his story was a bit fishy. 

Honestly, I didn't see the end coming until the very end, which I like. The downside to watching so many procedurals is that they can get a bit predictable, but not Cold Justice. This may be because it is true crime and not just a drama. I don't want to give the ending away in case you want to go on a Cold Justice binge later on and want to be surprised. Overall though, I enjoyed the show and I know what I'll be doing Friday nights.

My 3 reasons for loving this show are, based on this episode:

1. It takes place in small towns were cold cases may have gone cold from lack of technology and other resources. Even though the local detectives seemed to be thorough, this could have been what prevented it from being solved from the start and stopped future attempts.

2. The Investigators are badass, but not intrusive. They really are there to help solve the case and help the local investigators. I love that they don't really try to take over and run the show. They just want to genuinely solve the cases and are there to lend their expertise. 

3. It's not predictable. Like I said, it wasn't until the very end that I could see what was coming. The cases are explained very clearly and easy to follow through, but because it's not quite as predictable as other shows, you get to walk through the process the investigators are going through. This also adds a low-key suspense.

As you can see, this is quickly becoming my new favorite show. And the cases just seem to get juicier. Here's a sneak peak of the rest of the season, enjoy:

Sound like your kind of show? Tune in Fridays at 9 pm on TNT.