Thoughts on Thursday: To Do Lists

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For this week's Thoughts on Thursday I wanted to talk about To-Do Lists. I don't know about you but I live by these little lists. Some people might find it silly or tedious, but personally I love them. They keep me focused and help me visualize what needs to be accomplished for the day, even if not everything gets done and there's just sweet satisfaction when I get to cross things off them. Over the years I have also found ways to make my list work to the fullest by applying the following tips.

1. Write the list before bed or first thing in the morning. 
I feel that the most effective time to write down your To-Do list is right before bed or as soon as you wake up. By doing this, you can put down what you need to do for the day before you have the possibility of getting caught up in other things and forgetting what actually needs to get done. It helps focus your efforts on what you truly need to accomplish and sets the precedence for your day. However if there's something you suddenly remember you have to do, write it down ASAP. And if you are a techy, I'd advise on using apps like Awesome Note or Taasky or even the Calendar on your phone. That way you can set up reminders and bring the list everywhere, without it getting lost.

astrid stars, to do lists, thoughts on thursday, pinterest
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2. Use the 1-3-5 rule.
When I was looking on Pinterest to find ways to make my to-do lists more effective, I came across this article, which talked about this rule. Basically the way it works is you first write the one "big" or most important task first, then you put down the 3 medium priority tasks, followed by 5 of the least important tasks to have a list of 9 tasks total. The idea is that you focus on whats most important first and foremost and then make your way down. That way you don't procrastinate doing the little things. I really like this rule although I use it loosely. I usually try to number my lists to follow the purpose of this rule though. Also depending on my day I may have more or less than 9 tasks to tackle.

3. Break Down Tasks
Another thing I find helpful with to-do lists is to break them down. There are times were I could either choose to write them all down as one task, but later find that it would have been more helpful to have written down the steps. It also helps me remember the small details and I tend to respond better to smaller tasks. Otherwise, my anxiety kicks in thinking of all the little things I have to do for the bigger task. And this prevents procrastination because the tasks seem so small.

Well there you go. Those are the top 3 tips that have helped me tackle my to-do lists. Will you be following them for your future to-do lists? Let me know in the comments if so or if you have tips for me, share away. Also, for more tips I'd highly recommend searching 'To-Do Lists" on Pinterest.