Friday Favorites: Snack, Gone Girl, Baby Pins & Shopping

friday favorites, life, lifestyle, snack, gone girl, baby pins, shopping, film, movies, her campus, pinterest, baby shower

So this week has been a bit stressful both for things in and out of my control. Thankfully however, I still had bright spots this week. Here are my Friday Favorites, enjoy :)

1. Dark Chocolate Goji
I got this deliciousness from my motivation partner from the Tone It Up community. Angela must have some sort of sixth sense cuz I've been wanting to try these for a while, but once I'm at Whole Foods, I usually forget to get them or only go to get the essentials. They are so addicting though, even Dirtsa couldn't stop eating them. They were also perfect because it gave me just the right amount of chocolate that I was craving! They are seriously sooooo good.

2. Gone Girl Trailer
I think I might have blogged about this, but in case I didn't, know that I'm a huge Gone Girl fan. So it's no surprise that I was jumping for joy when I saw that they finally released a trailer for the movie this week. I read the book while I was in New York after hearing it was being made into a movie and also due to the fact that friends kept recommending it to me since I like books that are dark and twisty. Now I really wish October would be here already so I can go watch it.Will you be watching it?

{Source: Pinterest}
3. Baby Shower Pinning
So I have a lot of beloved people in my life having babies right now. I think I may have said this before, but it feels like everyone around me is pregnant right now! Anyway, my aunt asked us(Dirtsa and me) for some ideas to help plan my cousin's baby shower. Of course I turned to Pinterest and made a board specifically for the big event. I'm so excited since this is her first child. Also have you seen all the cute ideas they have for baby showers nowadays? I can't even.

friday favorites, life, lifestyle, snack, gone girl, baby pins, shopping, film, movies, her campus, pinterest, baby shower
{Source: Her Campus
Yes, another Her Campus article and it couldn't be more perfect this time. I just went to Forever 21 on Sunday and I had almost all of these thoughts. It really is overwhelmingly huge and I'm often confused as to what's a dress or a shirt LOL. But honestly it's the college girl's store since it's mostly all affordable and they have the cutest things. Too bad I'm still too broke for it right now. Oh well, soon enough when my other priorities are taken care of I can go HAM and think all of these things.

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Well there you go. Another Friday Favorites in the books. Let me know yours in the comments below. And check out those baby shower ideas. Also send me any you come across.