The Move, it's Finally Here

Hey guys so last night was the night; my last night in sunny Los Angeles. I was a nervous wreck trying to pack last minute (I ended up overpacking), but that's what I get for procrastinating and overwhelming myself. I almost, almost ended things with my boyfriend Michael, but in the end we worked through our disagreement and are stronger than ever. Anyway, back to the good stuff LOL.

We made it on time to our flight, though I had to pack an overweight fee. I doesn't really surprise me, I've always been one of those people who like to overpack to be overprepared but uses like half of what she brings with her. Now I know I have maybe dropped a hint here and there about this, but in case you missed it, I'm moving to the Big Apple for the rest of 2013 as part of an exchange program at my school. I have always wanted to go to NYC, even if it was for a short visit, so this is definitely taking care of my bucket list, and then some.

However, as excited as I was to move to NYC and embark on this adventure, it was still bittersweet to leave the city I was born and raised in, behind. Once we got on the plane and seated and shenanigans had been taken care of, it was finally time to relax and get some sleep, but did I? No! I could not sleep a wink on the first plane(we had a stop in quiet Cincinnati, Ohio). I would try to, and then I'd start thinking about how much I miss the little girl I took care of and Michael and a bunch of other thoughts that plagued my mind. My sister and mom sorta slept, so they got some rest. I however slept maybe 30 minutes towards the end and even that was barely passable as sleeping.

Then we had a luggage issue because when we went to claim a carry on that had been too big to fit overhead, we saw one of our checked in luggages, but not the other. Well turns out, neither checked in luggage should have shown up on the carousel so it was kind of a blessing we had to get our carry on or else my luggage would not have made it to where it needed to go. Then we had some breakfast that was not all that great and my mom and sister slept on the floor like bums while I, still not able to fall asleep tried to work on uploading pictures onto my computer.
Oh and our connecting flight got delayed. When we finally boarded, we boarded the smallest aircraft possible.
But alas, we made it to La Guardia Airport safely and I finally got some sleep on that plane. We got a cab and made it to where I will be living for my time in NYC. We were glad to finally be on the ground and quickly set out to explore, but I will save my first day of NYC for tomorrow's post. Talking of which, I know I've been bad at sticking with my 21 days, and I may start it all over, but my reason for failing to stick to it is well the whole moving, packing, getting things together ordeal. So with that being said, I've also decided to blog about my NYC adventures and share them with you. Hope that makes you happy, cuz believe me, NYC is a whole lot of fun :)

Kisses from the Big Apple,